The Patient choice con

The patient choice con: How the NHS has fallen drastically short of its promises (if you knew you had the rights in the first place!)


apologies to the Daily Mail.

Even those who exercise their right to choose how and when they receive their treatment often find their wishes are simply ignored.

Furthermore, people are not always being offered the choices that are best for them, adds Dr Laurence Buckman, chairman of the British Medical Association’s (BMA) GP Committee. Giving people choice is essential,’ he says. ‘The problem is that not all the choices people are now presented with are genuine ones.

Interestingly Dr RB John was Chairman of the GP Committee Wales. AND yet he intentionally destroyed MY life whilst gaining honours himself


GPs may be getting benefiting financially as patients suffer poorer standards of service, according to a study reported on the British Medical Journal website.


Some interesting links:

GMS Standard Contract with the GPC and the NHS Confederation.

National policy, practical guidance and standards for the health care sector

Mental Health and ill health in Doctors.

Bullying and harassment of doctors in the workplace, May 2006

Good doctors, safer patients

Ill health can be a distressing experience for patients and their families. And if a patient doesn’t understand what’s wrong, what he or she can expect for the future and what the treatment options are, it can only make things worse.


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