I am sorry

I am sorry to be negative about an horrific disaster BUT this article from my local rag/ Evening Post has a comment in it that makes me see why no one gives a toss about me, a dentist being  intentionally destroyed by Dr RB John.

THE identity of a Welsh woman said to be aboard the Air France plane which vanished over the Atlantic is still not known this lunchtime. She was travelling with three young Irish women who were best friends and forging out promising careers as doctors.They were returning home after a holiday in Brazil with other friends who graduated with them from Trinity College, Dublin, two years ago.

I apologise to the bereaved families and in NO WAY do I intend to belittle their horrific loss.

My comments are for the journalist as he/she seems to think ALL doctors are wonderful. He/she has seemingly never heard of Dr H Shipman, Dr Crippen, Dr Mengele, Dr Buck Ruxton or this doctor saying ovarian cancer was a sinus bug or Most of us assume someone is keeping an eye on doctors with backgrounds of drug addiction, alcoholism or serious mental illness. In fact, thanks to the Americans With Disabilities Act, which Congress passed in 1990, these conditions have become legally protected handicaps, and medical boards are being stymied in their efforts to monitor or even identify doctors with histories of drug abuse.

or This should be available in the UK. or here or Hospitals tricked to hire bad doctors or Patients are being treated by incompetent doctors, nurses and therapists because regulatory systems set up to protect them are ‘patchy and risky’, according to a report.

or I am amazed how many patients are screwed up from LACK OF GOOD LISTENING AND PATIENT HISTORY TAKING or Some doctors can be very nice and pleasant while others can be complete arrogant asses

Most healthcare mistakes result in little or no harm to the patient. In fact, despite an increasing openness between doctors and their patients, it’s probably fair to say that in many cases the patient isn’t even aware a mistake has been made. At the other end of the scale are instances of deliberate harm, as in the case of Dr Harold Shipman. Fortunately, such cases are extremely rare and measures are being implemented to protect patients even further. But somewhere between inconsequential mistakes and deliberate harm lie incidents where those looking after patients fail to varying degrees in their duty to do their best.


etc etc. I know the paper knows about Dr RB John and his deliberate,  harmful and catastrophic misdiagnosis because I have told a journalist about my case and he was interested in writing and article about my destruction. THEN this happened. I still have not had the Community Support Officer call to see me as was promised. Were they investigating a crime?

Coincidentally Dr RB John qualified from Dublin University in 1970.

I apologise again to the families of all the passengers of that Air France flight.


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One Response to “I am sorry”

  1. Mandy Says:

    You never need apologise to me…and really you shouldn’t feel obliged to apologise as you have been wronged.

    What a world it would be if everyone had to apologise when someone else had done them wrong. Is bloomin’ bad enough as it is!!!

    Doctors are human beings. I think, maybe as a society, that is forgotten and they are put on pedestals (which some fall from and others totally abuse that position). Am not tarring all with same brush. Some are bloody brilliant. Most don’t seem to have enough time and I have to say, in my experience, seem to prescribe me stuff without checking side effects through with me first.

    Okay, so I am a tad neurotic about what I take but better that than shovelling things down the back of my throat and not giving a monkeys what is actually going on.

    Back to you….I hope journalists pay some real attention and there is a counter balance (somewhere to be found in your local media). Maybe am wishful thinking. Still, when was than a hangable offence? :>)

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