Britain’s got talent

Susan Boyle rushed to the Priory.  £3,000-a-week treatment

I hate that term “the woman was taken voluntarily to a clinic.” as I was described as “voluntarily” going to the Priory myself in 1998. If she was so ‘exhausted and emotionally drained’ I do not believe that she would have had an option.

SAME AS ME except I was told I would be sectioned if I refused to go and that my NHS practice would be under Health Authority Control by 09.00 the next morning. I was told a locum would be arranged if possible. I had NO idea I was to be retired THE NEXT DAY. The only person that seemed to know that was Dr RB John and he didn’t tell me. As proven by the entries in my Medical Notes of that time as NO MENTION OF TELLING ME of his “treatment plan” is in the notes.

However when Susan Boyle is released her life will take off as she will have a career as a singer apparently. When I was released my life had been TOTALLY DESTROYED by Dr RB John’s intention..

EVEN the Priory thought I was “off sick” considering THIS letter dated June 24th 1999.


Some articles from PULSE magazine: You have to be logged in to read the full article but a synopsis is in the link.

A survey of the performance of NHS trusts in mental health has found more patients are satisfied with the level of care provided, but despite overall improvement, there are still flaws in the provision of services.

Our psychiatric patients deserve a better deal. patients with mental health problems are generally disadvantaged by poor social conditions and suffer the stigma of low self-esteem. Even if referred by their GPs, they get a raw deal.

We must be vigilant on GP mental health. The stigma of mental illness in society is strong, and I am ashamed that our profession contributes to this to some extent. This must stop.

Tragic GP struggled with workload prior to suicide  Dr Webster had been treated for depression by a psychiatrist in 2005 because he ‘felt down’ as a result of his job. The following year he took a three-month sabbatical  Dr Webster had been a family doctor in the local community of Rippingale and the surrounding area for many years. He was a very dedicated, kind and caring doctor whose patients have described him as a major personality in the community.

Yet Dr RB John took me of the Dental Register without telling me on June 12th 1998.




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