Don’t be ‘too helpful’, GPs warned

Maybe that c*nt Dr RB John should have taken notice of this article in Pulse magazine.

GPs should beware of the risks of being ‘too helpful’ to their patients, such as by prescribing unlicensed medicines or getting drawn into their life ‘beyond the surgery’.

But isn’t that sentence fkn obvious to an intelligent man, which goes a long way to prove that Dr RB John is an arrogant, incompetent and stupid man as my sister Dr KE J, his senior Medical Colleague for 20+ years, insinuated by HER comment that he meant well. Well she should know having worked closely with him for all those years. It also goes to prove that he has tried and failed before and she, and probably other Doctors in Briton Ferry Health Centre, have covered up for his mistakes. Were his mistakes “common place” occurrences?

 Arrogant because he thought that he alone could “sort my life out”.

Incompetent because even his “god-like” plans went disastrously wrong.

Stupid: Lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity, Lacking intelligence.

And yet he was Medical Director of Neath Port Talbot Health Board and and has been  Chairman of BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee,

And is now High Sheriff of West Glamorgan

YET he never ONCE considered the importance of telling me I was ACTUALLY  to be retired and that plans were underway to facilitate this.

Medical Opinion dated 4th June 1998 and I was taken off the Dental Register on 12th June 1998 and yet the “man” NEVER ONCE TOLD ME.

The Doctors that have defended him: Dr EM Williams, Dr R L, Dr G K, Dr KE J.

I believe Dr F G will not expose/ report Dr’s L and K as he is a junior Doctor in Castle Surgery because of a fear that his career would  be jeopardised. . Hence the similarities between Dr RB John and Dr H Shipman

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