Dr RB John or Dr H Shipman?

The similarities between Dr H Shipman and Dr RB John. Dr Shipman is in italics

he was an ‘extremely arrogant’ but intelligent man who refused to acknowledge his crimes. Dr RB John has refused to acknowledge his Medical Incompetence. This is my opinion under teh Auspices of Fair comment

One report warned: ‘Mr Shipman shows no empathy … and is in total denial. ‘When he has been interviewed previously he has been quoted to state: “I was doing the best for my patients” and “What victims?”. Dr RB John said he was always there for me. He wrote in a letter in 1999, in my Medical Notes, that showed that he believed it was not his responsibility to TELL me of his “plans” for me. He passed THAT responsibility to a Dentist (?) in the Local Health Board and also said “that I was in direct conflict” with that Dentist’s advice. Despite the FACT that I have NEVER EVER been told that I was to be suddenly retired.

However he said that his “medical diagnosis” was “in my best interests” and yet NEVER once considered the importance of telling me FACE TO FACE. His only response, apart from the statement that he was ALWAYS THERE FOR ME is “I do not remember”

This level of denial and lack of remorse or empathy will keep Mr Shipman at a high risk of reoffending”. Dr RB John denies any wrong doing on his behalf and has NEVER even said sorry for the disaster he caused me. In fact he has NEVER EVER EVEN TALKED TO ME ABOUT HIS SO CALLED “TREATMENT PLAN” BEFORE or AFTER June 11th 1998.

Dr RB John is STILL practicing and rumours abound detailing his “skill” at avoiding ANY investigation into his medical errors. Which is very worrying if true.

However I know 3 people that had their treatment for CANCER  apparently severely delayed BECAUSE Dr RB John REFUSED, for a minimum of TWO YEARS in all cases, to send the patients for the necessary tests. One died, one had an emergency bowel resection privately and the other is STILL undergoing treatment and has apparently  been told that IF Dr RB John HAD been more professional in his treatment then the cancer would NOT have probably spread throughout her body. I repeat what they tell me and can make no opinion.

He has denied TOTALLY any wrong doing. In fact he has been called exemplary by the Mr DH Simpson of the Independent Review in Brecon despite the acknowledged FACT that there was “No diagnosis sufficient to warrant my hospitalisation”.  Dr Caroline Jones of the Healthcare Inspectorate also called Dr RB John exemplary and added that “I probably forgot what Dr RB John told me, because a side effect of my “undiagnosed” illness was memory loss.” 

The Neath Port Talbot Local Health Board even denied that he was in fact their Medical Director in 2003. Katie Norton, a CEO, even refused to answer my question, 3 times,  to that effect despite the web site then SHOWING that Dr RB John was their Medical Director. I was eventually told the truth by the now Financial Director of said Health Board, when he was acting CEO, as my complaint was immediately passed to the Ind Review in Brecon.

Drs R L, G. K and K J continue to support Dr RB John. Drs L and K effectively denying me ANY FORM of correct and professional treatment FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE with their “Bullying”.

‘He is a man who doesn’t value life the same as the rest of us.”

Dr RB John has however been awarded the post of High Sheriff of West Glamorgan as a reward.


BUT I am not alone as I have just received correspondence from another sufferer of Iatrogenic neglect. I will post the response she received from The NHS in England tomorrow.


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