Let them eat cake

or so Marie Antoinette is quoted as saying. It has been suggested that the speaker’s intention wasn’t as cynical as is generally supposed. French law required bakers to sell loaves at fixed prices and fancy loaves had to be sold at the same price as basic breads. This was aimed at preventing bakers from selling just the more profitable expensive products. The let them eat brioche (a form of cake made of flour, butter and eggs) would have been a sensible suggestion in the face of a flour shortage as it would have allowed the poor to eat what would otherwise have been unaffordable. It’s rather a mouthful, so to speak, but if the phrase had been reported as ‘let them buy cake at the same price as bread’ we might now think better of the French nobility. from http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/227600.html

She was known to have said “It is quite certain that in seeing the people who treat us so well despite their own misfortune, we are more obliged than ever to work hard for their happiness“. This could be relevant for the “corruption” in the UK Politics but then the MP’s and Welsh  AM’s do not seem to care much about the people that put them there.


I discovered that the Welsh Assembly Health Minister’s predecessor, Dr Brian Gibbons, claims for a second home in Cardiff as does the local Plaid Cymru AM Bethan Jenkins said: “My house in Rhos, Pontardawe, has been my main home since 2007, and that has been my main home since becoming an AM. I rent a flat in Cardiff which allows me to attend meetings from early morning until late into the evening, usually in the middle of the week.” She expressed an interest in Mental Health a while back and so I contacted her, but she was on a “fact finding ” mission in Dublin at the time (?) Her office “manager” said Ms Lewis would contact me on her return but of course she did not. When I re-established contact no one seemed to know what to do. Just like Gwenda Thomas the Labour AM but then she said about the 2nd home scandal “I am not of the opinion that driving a round journey of 108 miles on these days hampered me in my work.”  She says bullying is not acceptable yet allows the response, to me, by the GP’s in Castle surgery saying that she wished for them to show me “the correct level of care” but can/will do nothing when I do not receive ANY care.


 BUT INTERESTINGLY on Dr Brian Gibbons’ web site I discovered that:

Since commencing work in the NHS, Dr Gibbons has been a member of the Medical Practitioners Union and served as a National Council member for almost two decades. He is also a member of the British Medical Association. He has served on the West Glamorgan Morgannwg Local Medical Committees from 1980 and became Committee Secretary in 1994. For most of the 1990s he also represented the Medical Practitioners Union on the Welsh and UK General Practice Committee of the BMA.

Almost the SAME committees as Dr RB John,( Throughout the formal complaint started in October 2003 Dr A relied on his memory, despite his current post as Medical Director of the LHB and his previous posts of Chairman of the BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee,)  he ALSO qualified in the same University in Dublin, 2 or so years later than Dr RB John, and the same year as I qualified in London, SOO I would assume that  he knew Dr RB John well, and this could then explain why he refused to even REPLY to me initially. He was “busy on Assembly matters” was the excuse but Dr B Gibbons  became famous for a while  for buying a suit on line whilst in the Assembly Chamber. And in my blog. Assembly matters …  HAH!.

A man who lied.


I met the barmaid of the Constitutional/Conservative club and once we had dispensed with the small talk she asked about me, so I told her. She remembered my Dad and knew him as a Chemist/Spiritual healer and a pontificating, half of shandy, once Chairman of said Con Club. She has to be in her middle 70’s. ANYWAYS she said Dr RB John’s wife was a lovely person BUT Dr RB John was a despicable man to such an extent that words failed her. She eventually said he worshipped himself and his posts etc and she sadly wasn’t surprised he “lied” his way out of the investigation as she had heard he had done so MANY times before. (her comments not mine) Interesting ‘cos Mrs John visited this lady’s mum, who was in her 90’s and STILL going strong in a nursing home  a few doors away from her home address, and the barmaid, talked to her almost daily.


Then I met a Neath Port Talbot council official, smelling of beer, on his way BACK to the local boozer. His son is a doctor and will be getting a job in Neath soon, so I said he will soon be a toady incompetent doctor then. WOW he got annoyed saying don’t tar etc SOO I told him about K, L, S, my sister and Dr G and that shut him up. He also agreed that Dr RB John was a total c*nt (again his words not mine) so the conversation quickly returned to pond life. BUT why was he in the boozer at 2.30 ish  instead of in his office working????


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