I walk alone

Which version of “you’ll never walk alone” is best? This by Katherine Jenkins  or this by Gerry and the Pacemakers. My question is intended to be only between Katherine and Gerry Marsden. The words are meaningful to me now and I use the comparison between Katherine and Gerry because I too come from Neath, as does Katherine.

Rodgers and Hammertime, sorry Hammerstein, wrote it, for the musical, Carousel, but when performed “classically” the feel of that song is lost, maybe because the first version I heard when a kid swung a bit. My Dad’s cousin played piano in a “Big Band” 1930’s style swing band in Wales and although I only met him a few times before he died, he left me with “swing” in my head. That piano man taught me the feel of music from the 1930’s and I was then glued each Sunday afternoon watching the black and whites of Fred and Ginger and the like. I have 100’s of sheet music from that era that “self taught” me my piano and chord structures. I played piano as a kid for probably 5 hours a day EVERY day I could, then came guitar.

SO It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing IMHO.

IMHO also when one genre of music takes another genre’s song and adapts it, sometimes the original feel is lost but hey that is the beauty of music, it affects others in different ways.  If I heard a song I liked I tried to write my OWN version of the song, different chords/words but same feel so I also stuck out in the musical fields because of that.

Also when a dentist and going to BDA meetings and such I always was alone when the conversation turned to music as classical was de rigueur and I was constantly made to feel “like a fool” for liking “swing” and pop. I never felt a fool however just felt sorrow at the other person’s lack of tolerance. Which, in those meetings, was extremely evident as “they” tried to make me look stupid EVERYTIME the conversation turned to hobbies and music but then I met  an Orthodontist advisor for the Dental Practice Board who played double bass in a Jazz band.

We became instant close friends. BUT He nearly lost his well paid job because of his jazz playing….true…or so he thought at the time.  He was given a choice…fit in or get out so he turned into a toady, gave up playing and became a “government lackie”. But when I turned to him for help in 1998 he did not even reply to my many letters and so also rejected me.

As Eric Morecombe said “I am playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order” the story of my life since.

I did all the right things but not necessarily in the right order in Dentistry and I think THAT is a major cause of my destruction.

I am being rejected BECAUSE of who/what I am and therefore the “RULES” DO NOT EXIST for me.

Sorry if I sound dejected/rejected BUT my personality seems to be the cause of my destruction.

I cannot do Dentistry now and also cannot play piano and guitar as I used to  AND YET I AM TOLD TO FKN MOVE ON. I HAVE LOST EVERYTHING I ever had pre 1998 and yet Dr John is exemplary.

I am being forced to hate myself, which I fight BUT,  BUT the daily fight gets so much harder. I am beginning to hate myself and despise the way I turned out.

My Dad said one thing “Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself” which I tried to do and BECAUSE OF  THAT advice I am where I am today.

I do not reject Dad’s advice but it seems that that advice is diametrically opposite to the way the NHS works.

Dr RB John, by his lies, is trying to kill me aided by the NHS in Wales.

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