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EIGHTEEN months ago, David and Susan George ran a successful three-star hotel perched on a sun-drenched beauty spot on the Wales-England border.

They lived in the picturesque cottage next door and were planning to run the business until they retired. Today, they are broke, desperate and living in a council house. “I haven’t done anything wrong and I’ve lost everything. I’ve got no recourse whatsoever. It makes me very angry. I’m 58 years of age. Realistically, I’m not going to get another job”.

Earlier this month, Paul Dallimore, 57, of Wentwood View, Caldicot, former Monmouth-based Colin Harris, 50, of Kingsmead, Andover, and Alun Weeks, 58, of Heol Don, Whitchurch, Cardiff, were each jailed for 30 months, having been convicted of conspiring to commit fraud by abusing positions of trust.


Welsh Secretary and Torfaen MP Paul Murphy, who 84% of electors wanted to see out, used his second home allowance to buy the freehold on a flat close to Parliament, putting the arrangement fees and stamp duty on his expenses. He also claimed for decorating and furnishing costs, including £35 for a toilet roll holder, £537 for an oven, a £605 television and a £449 sound system.

I wrote to the Welsh Office and got no reply despite a compliment slip saying they would reply in 17 days. I have  not yet received a response to my latest letter asking about the response.


Depression is worse than cancer. Trisha says “‘Cancer’s not the worst thing I’ve faced, that was depression. With depression, no one brings you flowers, and the doctors can’t operate and tell you you’re free of the disease within weeks. There never seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.” In my case there is no tunnel as I am REFUSED treatment for MY depression. Instead I am told to move on.


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