He actively deceived the authorities

Dr RB John’s treatment plan had been ‘wrongly conceived’ and was unlikely to benefit  Dr ADF James BDS.

………. (He) should have acted to put the patient first.

……… (He) then corruptly abused (his) position of authority to actively deceive the NHS Investigation in 2003.

…. (He) was “manipulative, self-centred and calculating”

……… By not being fully open and honest with Dr ADF James BDS he (Dr RB John) stopped Dr ADF James BDS from being able to do recover from an “illness” he (Dr RB John) invented and as a direct result of this, irrevocably destroyed Dr James’ life and career.

……. and the NHS should not ignore the intentional deceit by Dr RB John when there’s actual harm, there, right in front of their eyes, staring them in the face and CAUSED intentionally by Dr RB John.

(They) in fact turned a blind eye and by so doing have condoned the actions of a negligent Medical Practitioner.

 The NHS Wales and Dr RB John should face up to their responsibilities in face of the evidence against him.

And STILL no one’s to blame and yet all the relevant documentation show gross malpractice and corruption to the highest level in the NHS in West Glamorgan, as all actively ignored the evidence.


I have lost all I hold dear to me. Now every day of my life is full of guilt and trying to come to terms with my failure.

I “punish” myself on a daily basis and there is not a day that goes by where I don’t cry at some point.”


Dr RB John should be made to face up to his responsibilities in face of the evidence against him.


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2 Responses to “He actively deceived the authorities”

  1. bob Says:

    This is concerning DC Palmer of Gwent police who along with other police people falsified documents and statements to have Alun Weeks arrested.He the lied to a judge in order to sieze all of Global Micro cap documents which he then used to try and commit fraud and corruption by threating innocent people and trying to extort money from them

    It would seem that Gwent police station is no stanger to this as his partner was jailed for child porn and his crown prosecute mate has just been jailed for taking bribes not to investigat other corrupt police from that office

  2. Listings for ?S=As in West Glamorgan Says:

    […] He actively deceived the authorities […]

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