Lies like these ruin people’s lives’

‘The mental scars run deep, I’m a very nervous person now. Very anxious and stressed.  I’m very aware of my surroundings all the time. I am physically and mentally drained. It has taken everything out of me I can’t get what happened out of my head.’ when it’s clear that someone has been wrongly accused, someone-should say: “Sorry for what you have been through.” still has no idea why the story was made up …..lost his  business as a result of the allegation,

It’s about moral justice,

‘I feel as if I’ve been raped of my dignity and my self-confidence. That night, my choices in life were taken away from me and I’ve been struggling ever since. I’ve had to fight for everything.

‘I wish I could turn back the clock and have my life back as it was before. But that can never happen. This has caused so much distress and hurt and pain. Things can never be the same It happened, quite literally, overnight. ‘It was degrading and humiliating there was no possibility of life returning to normal

after seeing his GP, he underwent counselling to help him cope with the stress he was suffering. You can’t have a one-sided system.

Oh yes you can in the NHS in West Glamorgan.


All the above was taken from a story in the Daily Mail about a man falsely accused of rape Dr RB John falsely accused me of negligence and more, and I was sectioned and struck off because of his lies. and yet I cannot get ANY treatment

Dr RB John, figuratively, RAPED ME, well he had his “wicked way with my life” and yet walks away with honours bestowed on him, called exemplary by the NHS and defended by colleagues, who also deny me ANY form of medical treatment.

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