WHAT exactly is a Doctor’s role if they ignore my questions about my Medical Health?

Not a lot was done when I saw the Doc yesterday.

I asked about the tingling/numbness in my left arm.

I asked about the shooting pain from my right wrist  radiating up my thumb.

I said that the response from Dr G Kahan CAUSED the last year’s chaos, incompetence AND THE FACT THAT I WANTED TO COMMIT SUICIDE.

I asked why I have received NO TREATMENT , in fact I have been REFUSED TREATMENT by Dr Ballasurryia, the psychiatrist. She has said that she will not ever see me again.

The response: NOTHING.

BUT  he did stethoscopically examined my chest and checked the pulses. There was a “weak pulse” in my left arm…if you imagine so and want to believe it is there. I know that because I sometimes imagine that I have one. I check daily.

SO I am in the same situation as I was BEFORE I went to Castle Surgery.

I left the Doctor’s surgery saying that I might as well commit suicide for all the care I get. In fact it appears that this is what the Medics in Neath want.

I have tea and coffee ready for another visit from the Police but so far no visits…….yet. 

I rang NHS Direct and they said to go to my Doctor. I said I just have and should I go to casualty? They said it now was not an emergency, as I had been to a Doctor EVEN IF THE DOCTOR DID NOTHING.


AND all because of  this man.


I have seen in my stats that someone has searched for the angry dentist. TOO fucking right  I am angry. ‘cos the stress I was experiencing 10 years ago is FUCK ALL compared to the stress I am experiencing now because of the “silence” of the “Medical Profession”

What is the point of the Guidance for Good Practice  if ALL  “doctors” TOTALLY ignore it?????

A parable.

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