My experience of the NHS Complaint Service

I know about the NHS Complaint service because when I returned to my practice the day after Mum went into a coma, the patient, I was seeing when I received the telephone call, informed me that she was to SUE ME for a poor attitude and extracting the wrong tooth.

This lady had presented the day before with a mouthful of very loose, periodontally involved teeth like this except, if I remember she had less teeth. ALL teeth were loose.


 Just seeing that picture reminds me of the smell, the sweet sickly smell of gum disease. The smell of a neglected mouth. 

 She had pain in ALL her teeth but especially her upper right premolar ( 2nd upper tooth from the left of the above picture) She wished for that tooth AND ONLY THAT TOOTH to be extracted BUT I said, on radiographic examination, that she had many abscesses. I had also told her the rest of her mouth was severely periodontally involved and she needed URGENT treatment. SO I recommended a strong course of antibiotics, which she refused. I said the reason was because the anaesthetic may not be complete and thus she would feel pain on extraction. She insisted I extracted the tooth she wanted so I gave her many injections. While she was waiting to go numb in the waiting room I received the telephone call that Mum was in a coma.

She heard the conversation and me saying to cancel all other patients as I wished to go and see Mum. The other patients were very kind and wished me all the best BUT she started kicking up even though I had said I would finish her treatment. I checked her notes, extracted the correct tooth and made her a follow up appointment the following Saturday (it was Thursday). I only cancelled the rest of that day, then.

After Mum went into a coma I telephoned my receptionist asking her to cancel the Friday also. I turned up at work the next day to see how things were going and that patient turned up threatening to sue me for “Poor attitude after the telephone call and that I had extracted the wrong tooth” I believe I, on her instructions AGAIN extracted the other tooth she wanted. I do remember, after the injection, extracting it with my gloved fingers, it was THAT loose, same as the one the previous day.

I rang my defence body and was told to photocopy the patient’s Dental Notes and forward that to them. Any response between that patient and myself was aggravated by her attitude and I ended up in a “court situation” where I lost the case somehow. My Barrister was AMAZED that I was treated so badly. One Dentist on the panel said I was also a callous man to go to the practice the next day and this proved my NEGLIGENCE, despite my actions being noted in the patients records. My nurse also annotated the notes of that day.

I was fined £300.


Dr RB John, in my complaint against him, did not ONCE consult my medical notes and yet he was Medical Director of Neath Port Talbot Health Board at the time.  He has held previous posts of Chairman of the BMA Wales and was on the GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee,

Yet he never once consulted my Medical Notes To me that is proof he is at fault and also a corrupt man as, I believe, he used his influence as Medical Director to avoid being professional in his response.

4 scenarios exist surrounding the week dated 4th June to 11th June 1998 All of which DO NOT explain why Dr RB John REFUSED to be professional in his response. The Medical Opinion, which was ignored throughout the NHS Complaint, and described  by the Ombudsman as “new evidence” despite being dated ONE WEEK before by sectioning.

Auspices of Fair Comment


Interestingly the Health Authorities patient liaison officer was a Mrs Margaret Newton who also in 1998 informed me that a mistake had been made in “my retirement” and that no financial penalty would be raised. Where was the patient liaison officer for me WHEN I made a complaint against their Medical Director? The Health Authority were almost obstructive in their response. My thoughts and here

Medical Negligence


The patient’s solicitor was fellow Freemason, I recognised him from  lodge meetings, so I made myself known to him as we left the building at the same time. He, I remember, apologised and I told him what I thought of him and this situation was one of the reasons I left the Lodge.

Mum died on a Thursday, I bloody HATE Thursdays as she went into a coma on a Thursday, died on a Thursday and I received that telephone call that I was to be IMMEDIATELY sectioned on a Thursday also 

The Tuesday after Mum died I was to be raised to third Masonic Level and my sponsors knew about Mum dying. I did not know that part of the ritual was to be blindfolded and lowered into a figurative coffin. I was then to remove my blindfold and “raise myself as a Mason” then hug the Warden. When I was lowered into the “coffin” I of course heard all the waffle and so when I “raised myself” I hugged the Warden, as instructed, and whispered in his ear words to the effect of “my Mum fucking died on Thursday c*nt and YOU fucking knew that” Not really what I was supposed to say surprisingly. I resigned soon after. All apologised to me afterwards but it shows that people just do not think.


A colleague of Dr RB John said recently that DR John would go to an opening of an envelope if it could enhance his career. AND some one said, the day before yesterday, that the reason my sister now was “volunteering” with the Local Alcohol and Drugs project was so she could get an MBE.


Do I tell Her Majesty of the corruption surrounding her representative in West Glamorgan? Or in fact HOW do I tell her without getting another visit from the police?

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