Signs I missed

When my father died, in 1986 Dr R L said to my mother “It is amazing that I missed that” or words to that effect.

Mum was crying one day when I visited her and said this to me. I said something about starting a complaint, I remember, BUT she said something like “Keatley (Dr KE J) said no, so no complaint was raised. Also no post mortem was carried out to ascertain the CAUSE of Dad’s death, attributed to Bowel Cancer.

Later in 1993 Mum was crying in my house saying that she felt that Keatley (Dr KE James) was pushing her away from her grandchildren.

Mum was NOT allowed to baby sit them, which she desperately wanted to do, she had wanted to be part of their development but was not allowed. As soon as my sister gave birth to her first child she had employed a Nanny to look after her children and I remember her saying that Mum was “not capable of looking after HER children”, or words to that effect. Even my wife had said similar about Mum BUT Mum was after all the Grandmother of the kids and my wife allowed her, grudgingly, to look after my son. Mum was upset also because my sister had used her to be the “telephone receptionist”, whenever my sister was on “Night Call”, and Mum felt she had been used, but only when it suited my sister. The nanny received an amazing amounts of “gifts” from my sister which annoyed Mum, so she also told me.

On the night Mum fell and broke the head of her left femur, sadly Mum and I were “arguing” about letting my son, and I , watch the end of “The Three Amigos” Her argument was it was 8.00 in the evening, my argument was there was 15 minutes left. Sadly Mum then  tripped over our Labrador and within 30 minutes was in Casualty in the old Neath Hospital. Mum was on warfarin and had high blood pressure and was on a “regime” to “stabilise” her bloods when I got that telephone call, at work, that Mum was in a coma.

When I arrived at the hospital Mum was unconscious and by coincidence in the same Ward AND bed as the one that Dad died in. My sister went for lunch and I saw a nurse try to give Mum liquid penicillin BY MOUTH. I had been told to stand away from Mum’s bed for this and IMMEDIATELY I shouted STOP and ran ( in my mind now it was in slow motion) to the bed…TOOLATE…Mum had a respiratory arrest in front of me. All hell then broke loose as the Cardiac Arrest Team sped to Mum’s bedside. I was by now in the corridor and saw them, pushing the trolley, sprinting down the corridor and I had to somehow avoid them. I remember standing arms clasped straight above my head like a rugby player did when he KNEW he was offside, as they sped past. Some horrific sounds later Mum, this time, sped past going the other way to Intensive Care, where she died 11 days later.

My mother’s doctor was Dr R Kahan, the Cardiology Consultant, the now (2009) estranged husband of Dr G K. He suggested “turning of the life support” and so Mum died.

I remember saying that there was a case for Medical Negligence against that nurse BUT Keatley AND HER HUSBAND refused to listen to me saying that there was NO breach of competence. Even tho’ neither were present at that time.

To start a complaint the whole family must be in agreement and SO I lost as the husband was somehow suddenly part of the family despite his refusal to allow Mum to look after his children, her grandchildren. My sister’s husband was also a doctor.

My sister and her husband also spent time telling me “I was grieving in the wrong way” Actually I now see I WAS grieving and she was not.

When I returned from the hospital having watched Mum died I also discovered that my WIFE WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR and when my marriage totally collapsed 4 months later I had to move into Mum’s empty house that my sister had, without telling me, cleared of anything of value, almost. She gave parts of  my inheritance to her friends but took the majority her self. I eventually HAD TO SELL what little I had just to survive  after Dr RB John had destroyed my life in 1998.

So I should have known about her pusillanimity in 1998 when I asked for her help and Keatley said “she did not know what to do and that she would not interfere as Dr RB John MEANT WELL

Why break a habit of a lifetime? She refused to lodge complaints when Dad and Mum died so why do so now? It is obviously ingrained in her psyche, as a doctor, NOT to complain against her colleagues’ obvious negligence. She, Dr KE James, is at fault as much as Dr RB John, in my case


Is it coincidence that Dr R L and Dr G K are mentioned, albeit Dr G K as the wife of my Mum’s doctor.?

Dr R L was the doctor that when I requested a second blood test told me that ” something’s will not be resolved and for me to move on” He also asked if I was my sister’s brother and looked “saddened” when I told him I was. Also I saw the WORDS MENTAL PATIENT under my name on his computer screen. Something Dr Gama has said does NOT exist.

Dr K refused to assure me re the “misdiagnosis” of my heart condition in April last year culminating with me wishing to KILL MYSELF. Thoughts I daily fight.

The reason I know so much about the NHS Complaint system will be the post tomorrow.


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