Too bloody right

A review of mental health services in Wales has found that some detained patients are being placed and held in inappropriate institutions.

A lack of beds, escalating costs, poor communication and funding disputes in the service were blamed by the report.

The BBC’s Dragon’s Eye programme also claims a bid for more assembly powers over mental health is being held up

The programme also says “the report says there are several Welsh patients who are being treated in high security institutions who do not require this level of care.

And Edwina Hart says, in my case, there is NOTHING she will/can do.

For FUCK’s sake will someone listen to ME



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2 Responses to “Too bloody right”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    I did wonder why our representatives in the House of Commons refused to listen to me BUT seeing the furore about their expenses it seems they are too involved in feathering their own nests to care about us, the people that put them there.
    Same with doctors, especially the ones I have had the misfortune to have seen “professionally” I use that word loosely. They are SO used to defending their mates that it has become second nature for them to do so.
    I mention Dr RB John and his misguided friends Dr KE James and Dr R Lewis and Dr G Kahan.

    A light hearted look at the expenses furore (love that word) re Elliot Morley MP for Scunthorpe. At least NOW we know who put the word c*nt in Scunthorpe. Sadly the poor electorate did by voting for him.

  2. Mandy Says:

    I am not sure that anyone will listen to you…..and there is also the big gap between listening to and acting on.

    I get to talk to people (people who supposedly have the power to act). They listen….and then nothing much happens. Well, nothing of any use.

    You know I am following what is going on and in full support of you but that does not equate to anything of use in your neck of the woods.

    I don’t think you should stop saying what you say though or seeking accountability. If everyone just gave in…then things would be even worse than they are….and things are pretty grim anyway.

    Take care

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