Financial Fraud

Listening to the reports in the press about the furore surrounding MP’s expenses reminded me of a question I had in 1998 WHO PAID FOR MY STAY IN HEATH HOUSE?

Apparently the “daily rate” then was £300. I was there 6 weeks so total cost could have been £12,600.

3 scenarios: I had a secret admirer/benefactor who paid OR the Local Health Board was paying OR some Insurance Company was paying. I know I NEVER contributed financially to the stay.

Benefactor theory is easily discounted BUT the other two scenarios show without a doubt that corruption and lies were used to fund my stay. BOTH called Financial fraud

During my stay I asked, almost weekly, who was paying and was consistently told that “they were paying” or “not to worry it was being paid” BUT never, despite my questions, was I told who “they ” were. My treatment, on release, WAS stopped because “no more money was available” The “counsellor” told me that and was one of the many reasons I tried to get answers from Dr RB John on my release.

Did Neath Port Talbot Health Board pay for my stay?  I saw a poster in Ward F (psychiatric ward in Neath Port Talbot Hospital) in 2003/4 advertising Heath House and wondered then if the LHB had paid? I asked if that was a possibility but my question was ignored. As ALL my questions were ignored.

ALSO how much has my treatment COST the NHS in the last 10 years? As “they” treated me for an illness that never existed  but in so doing CAUSED a psychiatric illness. For which I CANNOT GET TREATMENT as I KEEP getting told to move on.

ALL because Dr RB John intentionally MADE up the illness that destroyed me.


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