tHE mAD dENTIST 1967 -1998

images  I have had  an awful week as detailed in recent posts.

That is why things have TO CHANGE

It is getting far to hard to continue as I cannot get treatment

and I cannot get resolution

My life stopped DEAD

11.30a.m. Thursday June 11th 1998


Thank you

various medical personel for one or all of the following:, discrimination, humiliation, bullying.

for not caring and/or not listening.

BUT  ALL have contributed, in no small way, to how I feel now.

Thanks to Dr RB John.

The details surrounding the moment of my destruction are no longer important

The hell I went through experiencing the destruction of my life is nothing compared to the hell I am experiencing 10 YEARS LATER.

The last 14 days:          April 29th 2009          May 1st 2009          May 4th 2009           May 6th 2009          May 8th 2009                     May 9th 2009          May 10th 2009

I wanted to commit suicide 22nd December 2008 BUT now in May 2009 I still have received ABSOLUTELY no counselling or treatment. I am told however, by the vast majority of the afore-mentioned, to move on and get used to my destruction.

If Dr RB John HAD been exemplary and totally professional in his treatment of me in 1998 why has he REFUSED to explain his actions? It would have been a simple matter to prove, in 1998, as all would have been written down and noted IN my medical notes. Yet Dr RB John refused to consult my medical notes, although he does have “personal and private” notes about me.

for example he does not remember the name of the private psychiatrist HE referred me to yet he names her in HIS Medical Opinion  and what does The Compliment slip mean? AND why does the psychiatrist, from Heath House , ONE YEAR AFTER MY DESTRUCTION say ” Mr James will not be able to return to Dentistry” when Dr RB John had arranged my removal from the Dental Register, without telling me, on June 12th 1998.

Good Medical Practice

 I am described as a MENTAL PATIENT as reward for 23 years service as a NHS Dentist Dr RB John’s reward for corruption, deceit and lies is far greater.

The Welsh NHS have used words as a tool for concealing the truth.

The truth: Dr RB John is negligent.    They say: He is exemplary, above reproach.

A man who lied

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