P.T.S.D. part 2

A friend got married yesterday to his childhood sweetheart and had the reception in the Neath Rugby Clubhouse. Excellent food and potentially an enjoyable night. Alb made me give a small speech “off the cuff” with not a vast amount of warning. Geof did an amazing set with Line 6 acoustic, Digitech Harmoniser and Ketron Midijay. A true one man band complimenting his wonderful baritone voice. Albert’s band were to play a set, so potentially an enjoyable night.


One of the barmaids was the receptionist in Dr RB John’s Briton Ferry Surgery in 1998-2000.  I regularly begged for her, and the others, to ask Dr RB John to organise HELP FOR ME.

I got said “help” after 18 months of pleading, imploring and asking politely when I JUMPED UP AND DOWN IN A FULL WAITING ROOM PLEADING FOR HELP. 18 FUCKING MONTHS. I saw Dr RB John in the back of the receptionist area that day and he SUDDENLY disappeared, no offer of help. My sister was also visible and SHE did nothing also apart from suddenly disappearing. This was after she had said Dr RB John meant well

I saw his Practice Counsellor and she organised the farce that was called “good treatment” by the NHS Complaint, in particular the wonderfully named Mr D H Simpson in the Independent Review.

Mr Simpson also said:

I had NO DIAGNOSIS OF ANY ILLNESS sufficient to warrant my enforced hospitalisation,

Dr RB John had “personal and private notes about me( AN ILLEGAL SECOND SET OF MY MEDICAL NOTES ?)


BUT Dr RB John was exemplary

BUT Dr RB John’s response was “I DO NOT REMEMBER”

Dr Caroline Jones of the Healthcare Inspectorate also said Dr RB John was exemplary BUT that as a side effect of my illness was “loss of memory” I probably forgot what Dr RB John said.

 In effect I forgot what Dr RB John didn’t tell me as a side effect of an illness that I didn’t have.

SO SEEING M**** W*LL**MS  reminded me of 1998-2000 and the HELL I WAS GOING THROUGH THEN.

I thank Ray, Tony, Ronnie, Phil, to mention a few, for staying with me and fielding awkward questions like why wasn’t I playing with the band?  AND why wasn’t I practicing Dentistry?


April 29th 2008                May 1st 2009             May 4th 2009

May 6th 2009                   May 8th 2009           May 10th 2009

are just six days out of the last 12.


A quote from Homer : Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.” for the Welsh NHS.

and George Bernard Shaw: Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power. for Dr RB John.

and from Adlei Stevenson: Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public for UK politicians and Welsh politicians

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