P.T S.D. maybe?

I bumped into a patient, Peter, I met in my stay in Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend yesterday. He had had a bowel resection and a colostomy bag fitted.

At the 1st visiting time I was lying there by myself not expecting visitors and in walked Fishie, a friend from Neath. He had a wet fish shop in Neath, now closed, and he passed me on his way to his brother who was in a bad way with HIS stomach cancer.(Saw him in Neath a few weeks ago looking really well) Fishie did a double take and exclaimed “GUMS!!! watcha doing here YOU doing their teeth ?!” and other amusing dental related jokes.

SO I had to explain to the rest of the 6 bed ward why I wasn’t doing Dentistry now….so out came the story. AND when the ward was vacated the conversation turned to making dentures and I had the privilege of having a couple of sets of dentures thrust into my hands. I think Peter then took pity on my obvious distress and he took me for a walk down the corridor and we chatted about all and sundry , especially the loss of my career. BUT for the rest of my stay I was known by the patients as “AL the Dentist”.

The Doctor on the ward, a Dr Fennie if my memory serves me well, also chatted about my life and even tho’ she was just a junior houseman she gave me respect and treated me as an equal. BUT talked about my ex-career.

He also explained to the few people he was with about how I had lost my career as a NHS Dentist and I HAD to explain a few details to the many questions that these people then asked me. They asked who was the doctor so I said Dr RB John and I said he was High Sheriff and they looked astounded.

BUT meeting Peter yesterday reminded me of Dr Gwen Kahan’s remark and the subsequent farce and I had to go to bed as soon as I got home as I was ready to kill myself, I was crying on the walk home.


Seeing Peter also reminded me of the nurse in dark blue uniform who washed her hands thoroughly with soap and water, using the elbow taps to turn the water off. Then she dried her hands, put on surgical gloves and sneezed into her gloved hands. She then wiped them on her uniform and went to change the dressing on an open wound, following surgery.

Same hospital that Larry contracted MRSA and C. Difficile. AND I then  suffered 3 weeks on Augmentin on my release as the donor site for my bypass was SERIOUSLY INFECTED.

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3 Responses to “P.T S.D. maybe?”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    Gums was one of my many nicknames, the chef in the local bar/restaurant was called Salmonella Steve which he found a trifle (HAHA) irritating for some reason.
    I think that nursie may have contributed to my problems ast she DID NOT LIKE ME for some reason. She treated me with utter and the most complete contempt I have ever experienced, apart from some doctors I have met in General practice in Neath, that is….. She “threw me out” /discharged me at 06.00 Easter Sunday morning telling me to ring a friend to pick me up. yeh right they would’ve appreciated a telephone call at that time.

  2. Mandy Says:

    So your nickname was “Gums”? :>) Don’t worry, have no intention of referring to you in this way. Affectionate terms are relevant to the people at the time.

    So you were infected by the nurse who coughed into her surgical gloves? (Yak) It’s the sort of sight you expect to see on a Benny Hill sketch and he did a fair few based on hospitals.

    MRSA is alive, and kicking in all directions, thanks to people like her.

  3. P.T S.D. maybe? Says:

    […] Original post by themaddentist […]

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