Not much choice these days

NOT much choice in my life at the moment. EITHER work in the garden for 10 minutes OR practice strumming my guitar for 30 minutes but no solo work as my right thumb stops me holding a plectrum. BOTH lead to cramps in my LEFT ARM within 2 hours.

I am trying also to play piano without using my right thumb. I had to sell my 100+ year old upright over strung piano with over dampers, just to survive in 1999/9 and use a M Audio midi keyboard, which does not feel like a piano.  Having played piano , and guitar, for 50+ years this is very hard to accept. FOR TWO REASONS and BOTH related to Dr RB John.

ANYWAY it was a nice day yesterday and it would have been good to have spent some time in my garden, keeping the weeds under control.

BUT HOW DO I HOLD gardening tools when I have NO grip in my right hand because of the PAIN in my right thumb. Pain that incidentally is above  MY WRIST at a point where the radial artery crosses the bones of the wrist and NOT in the thumb joint. SO I assume disassociated from the “arthritis” THAT SPONTANEOUSLY appeared the day after my 4th Angiogram


SO I try to use my LEFT arm to use the hoe (for example) BUT due to the reduced blood flow to THAT arm any over-exertion causes cramps. “True” cramps are commonly associated with the vigorous use of muscles and muscle fatigue (in sports or with unaccustomed activities). Such cramps may come during the activity or later, sometimes many hours later. By over exertion I do not mean hoeing the flower beds for hours I mean a few minutes. The cramps are not instant they occur 2-3 hours later EVEN after “gentle” use of the arm. I have learnt THIS from painful experience.

The cramps ARE different from the “paralysis” effect from the Rampiril as mentioned before. These ONLY affected my little and ring fingers of my left hand and were not associated with any form of exercise as they occurred “randomly” throughout the day AND night.

The “gardening” cramps affect my WHOLE hand and arm.

FOR Example last night I got cramp in my left arm as I took my Stew pot out of the oven for my evening meal and was stuck for quite a few seconds, seemed like hours, as I tried to work out what I could do. The choices were  limited: drop the pot or struggle to get it on the work-top. All the while my muscles were painfully contracted.

The cramps reduced in intensity over the next few hours.

SO do I ask Dr A L about my thumb for her to tell me that “I DO NOT UNDERSTAND” and then refuse to answer.

DO I see Dr G K and get sent back to the Psychiatrist as an ungrateful patient?

Do I see Dr R L to be told that somethings will not be resolved and for me to get used to loosing my career?

or Do I see Dr G and nothing gets done? I say this because I regularly ask him about my right thumb.

Not much choice in the Medical Circles in West Glamorgan these days.

My MP, AM do not reply to my letters, despite sending a card promising to reply within 17days. The Health Secretary of the Welsh Assembly says there is nothing she will do.


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