Do I have to kill someone to get help?

NHS trust apologises for ‘under-treating’ a mental patient who went on to kill a pregnant woman. A mental health patient stabbed a pregnant stranger to death after a string of failures in his care. An independent investigation found his mental health problem was ‘under-treated’ and his condition should have been ‘more assertively managed’

There was a lack of communication, a lack of accountability, and records were not shared. ‘This meant people did not realise how ill he was and so he didn’t always receive the most appropriate care.’


High-flying City trader wins record £20m payout after boss ‘lied to him about losses’ Rajesh Gill was ‘nearly wiped out’ financially after MF Global systematically deceived him about his performance to boost commission payments. Yesterday Mr Gill’s former account manager, Matthew Bomford, was branded a ‘fraudster’ and a ‘ persistent and inveterate liar’ in a High Court judgment. He now faces possible prosecution for perjury. 

I WAS WIPED OUT FINANCIALLY and medically and YET THE WELSH NHS say Dr RB John is exemplary.


I know Dr RB John is <edited> in MY CASE 

I also wonder if the stories heard around town are also true. For example injecting an anti depressant into thigh muscles. or ignoring symptoms of severe bowel pain etc for 2 years, prescribing cortisone type tablets. Pt then requiring emergency bowel resection privately. The patient’s description of him was extremely vitriolic using many ancient Anglo-Saxon phrases, spit flying like a tsunami.

I do realise patients do not have medical knowledge and may misinterpret clinical proceedings, so all stories are taken with a “pinch of salt” YET in my case it all starts with these documents

I have to say here that I have also heard wonderfully adventurous stories about ME. One to my face without the person knowing who I was. In other circumstances I would have enjoyed being told I was an arsehole. Seems working 6 days a week was not enough for some patients.

Oh yeh and being totally NHS

I was told to my face, by one patient when I was making him a full set of dentures that I had no knowledge of “denture making” and more, so much more. He ended hoping that he hadn’t insulted me. My response was NO, I have been insulted by experts. Much to the delight of the patients in the waiting room, ‘cos that man decided to make his dissatisfaction public-ish I challenged him to TELL me how to make dentures with the promise if he was dissatisfied he could have them FREE.

I gave him HIS dentures free and charged him for the set I continued making.

Wearing his teeth could have ensured that he would have won the 3.30 at Kempton Race Course, at least in appearance.

We shook hands and parted best of enemies.


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