Happenings ten years time ago

I bumped into an old friend Jay in Tescos…yes Tescos Neath is a great meeting place these days. The last time I saw him was Monday June 8th 1998 in the Cross Keys Pub, Neath. We had a few beers to celebrate his forthcoming wedding. We arranged to met the following Monday for a pre-nuptial pint or two, he turned up but I didn’t as I was in Heath House Priory, sedated and now called a HIGH RISK SUICIDE.

I played Squash every Monday with another friend Jason and we celebrated the “victor” with a few swift beers.

Jay was an AMAZING guitarist and we met when I saw him play a solo version of the Welsh National Anthem, bit like Jimi Hendrix’s version of  Start Spangled Banner, when he was “messing around” with the band he was in, Sunshine Cab. It was AMAZING and I went to congratulate him on his inventiveness and we became firm friends. AND he became a patient of mine.

He asked how I was and went FUCK about 30 times as I paraphrased what had happened to me after we last met. ( he moved away from Neath soon after June 8th 1998. ) He said I was a brilliant dentist etc and COULD NOT BELIEVE what Dr RB John had done to me. Jay knew of my divorce problems and about the flood BUT he said yesterday that I was “normal” the same ole Al as ever.

I told him of my loss, near bankruptcy, heart attacks, being sent to Psychiatrists as a suicide risk and even HE said that DR John MUST have intentionally destroyed me BUT WHY????????????????. I quote: WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T he, Dr John, tell me I was to be hospitalised. I obviously knew fuck all as I had arranged a meet the following Monday, after squash.

Then I told Jay about Dr John being High Sheriff of West Glamorgan….. I got a “man hug” then. He asked about MY playing guitar and piano and when I said about no pulse and BP in my left arm and THEN the weak pulse and pain in my RIGHT thumb, he was lost for words.

Jay himself has had double pneumonia, a few heart attacks and 3-4 hernias so the conversation changed to HIS medical condition. He had put on an AMAZING amount of weight and  we arranged to meet again.


I spent the rest of the day crying  spontaneously and wishing I was DEAD.

Just as NHS Wales wish I was dead.

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