Time for a sex change I feel.

I said a while back that maybe I should get a sex change cos a ” surgically constructed female” recently got £250,000 for a huge settlement as compensation for her loss of earnings, lost pension and what in this enlightened age we must refer to as ‘hurt feelings’.

It seems now that maybe I SHOULD change sex because Benjamin Thom, vice-chair of the Gender Trust, said: “Welsh trans people had been dramatically affected by the policy, leading to suicide attempts, public abuse and financial ruin.

Transgender patients in Wales will now be able to access funding for gender reassignment therapy under a new policy by the Health Commission Wales (HCW). Previously “exceptional circumstances” had to be applied to funding applications for treatment of gender dysphoria. The condition means those affected feel trapped in the body of the wrong sex. The HCW said the Welsh Health Minister had now approved this policy. It means Wales follows other UK nations.

A Miss Pearce  27, was diagnosed with gender dysphoria six years ago, when she was told there were no options for treatment. “Waiting these past six years has been completely soul destroying. I tried to kill myself three times,”  I too have been told that there is NO treatment and my waiting TEN YEARS has also been soul destroying but I have only tried to kill myself ONCE.

I am stuck in the body of a destroyed NHS dentist, destroyed by an intentional misdiagnosis by Dr RB John.

I too have suffered loss of earnings, lost pension and what in this enlightened age we must refer to as ‘hurt feelings’.

I too have made suicide attempts, received public abuse and suffered financial ruin.

BUT in my case I am told to MOVE ON as nothing will be done. (from my GP’s in my current surgery and from the Welsh Health Minister.)

SO I now receive ANOTHER form of discrimination.. SEX discrimination, to go with the abuse, insults and discrimination I have suffered from being WRONGLY labelled a MENTAL PATIENT.


I went to get my repeat prescription from Boots Chemists yesterday and had a “Medication Review”. Something Castle Surgery HAS NEVER offered me. The pharmacist said that SHE would tell Dr Gama about the coldness in my left arm and that BISROPOL CAUSES coldness in the extremities. She thought this should be investigated.

BUT when I previously mentioned to Dr Gama that I was worried about the coldness I suffered HE SAID I should accept it as the drug’s effects on my heart overshadowed the side effect. This is from the GP that organised the Blood Pressure Monitor on my left arm causing it to go blue. SO WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE HIM?????


A good friend Larry died in his sleep yesterday morning.

Lucky man, he is at peace now.

Miss you, mate.

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One Response to “Time for a sex change I feel.”

  1. Sam Says:

    ‘intentional misdiagnosis’ is otherwise known as ‘MALPRACTICE’ and is unlawful…

    There are far too many ‘doctors’ malpracticing in the UK. And they get away with it scot free thanks to a murderous NHS.

    Note the doctors.net.uk survey of 2500 doctors gave that 85% would not intervene if a fellow doctor made a mistake…

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