Doctors DO cover up other Doctor’s mistakes

NHS Wales and their cover up for Dr RB John seems to be the norm according to the head of the new health regulator. Doctors DO cover up for incompetent doctors mistakes.

Care Quality Commission chairman Barbara Young said there was a culture of silence among health staff, as shown by the Stafford Hospital scandal. AND the cover up for Dr RB John

We need to create a culture where doctors are obliged to challenge each other. It is not happening. Oh Really? read that dear sister. Dr KE J

we should be less tolerant of mediocrity and failure. We should expect more from our professionals who are well paid and well educated.”  TOO RIGHT see

“There can sometimes be a culture of threats and bullying that stops whistle-blowing”.

and then of course there is the corruption in the INTENTIONAL refusal, by Dr RB John, to respond in a true and professional manner throughout. And the response from the Welsh NHS who say there is NOTHING THEY WILL DO.

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6 Responses to “Doctors DO cover up other Doctor’s mistakes”

  1. richard carl harvey Says:

    I have been to mayo clinic,same old cover up

  2. Davey Says:

    My wife had an undiagnosed medical problem. Her doctor prescribed steroids and hormones. Her weight changed from 190 to 286 pounds then on medicines to 743 pounds(457lbs) in 25 months. She loved her doctor but totally blind to the fact that she was being given the wrong medicines. Trying to get a new doctor to take her was impossible as all the doctors would not take anyone over 350 pounds. We finally found an Egytian Doctor in 2 counties away. Getting her to that Doctor was an event. He was great and soon diagnosed the The Real problem. Tests confirmed his first thought. He was amazed that her other doctors did not find the problem and indicated that one doctor was protecting the other from a doctor/ prescription generated condition. He used a word “?” something I hadn’t heard of before but it means a doctor initiated condition/illbness. She has a visiting nurse everyday and the Doctor will see her in the home once a month. Yes, he makes a house call for her. Her top weight was about 762lbs on dayof her surgery. From then on she has lost weight every week. 103lbs in last 14 weeks.

  3. Barry Says:

    My wife dislocated her elbow. They showed me the xrays when it was dislocated and assured us at least 10 times that she was lucky it didn’t break. The Male Nurse said she was lucky it wasn’t broken, simply needed to be reset into place. The xray tech told me he wasn’t supposed to tell me anything but, the xrays (now missing) looked good. I was looking at them on his little monitor on wheels, asking what about this line and that line. He said it was normal bone formation. He said there were NO FRACTURES.

    They used 2 guys to hold her and one pulled on her arm. They took her away from me so I couldn’t hear her scream. This is not some 3rd World Country. It was right here in the US. They broke her radial head off trying to set it. This was no Orthopedics Doctor, it was some ER Doctor with a thick Middle East accent.

    Our family Doctor told me that they broke her arm. He had the disk of xrays and a report. He conveniently lost the CD with the xrays on it.

    I thought about suing them for it. All the xrays of it dislocated disappeared, including the ones our family Doctor had. They said they couldn’t take xrays because it hurt her too bad. What a lie! I saw the pictures. The ones that showed it dislocated were taken before midnight. They now have no xrays taken before midnight. All they have are the xrays after they broke it. They are saying now that it was broken when she came in. How did they know without xrays? How could they pull on a broken arm with no sedation? Would they pull on a dislocated arm with no fractures. They are all dirty bastards. They all lie and stick together. They replaced her radial head with titanium.

    She will never be able to completely straighten out her arm again. Not only should they have to pay damages, they should be charged with criminal intent for covering up and conspiracy, but with no proof, you can’t do a thing (legally). A good beating on the way to his car might be in order.

    • Camille Says:

      That is terrible. I have been too bad doctors also. I wouldn’t mind talking with you.

      • richard carl harvey Says:

        I Richard carl Harvey,82 years old,i was on meds that made my guts twist ,doctor went in took out mt appendix,oct/2002,left sponge or towel,been 13 years.,been to lots of doctors,i live in iowa,no doctor in my area will help me,x ray show a mass ,right pelvic area,say they don,t see anything ,old dumb me can see retained object,

  4. Sam Says:

    the new Care Quality Commission = yet another gravy train sinecure for duplicitous, compliant wimpy public service wokers.

    Non-change you can rely on.

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