I say no more


Someone sent THAT link to me today so I thought I would share it. see here

I will prepare a couple of cups of tea or coffee for the visit ( from the CSO maybe) I may receive because of this. Also I will have a copy of the Medical Opinion and compliment slip available for them to read.

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I know I am not the ONLY person with a “problem” with the “medical skills” of this man. BUT I do know that I am unique in that my career as a professional colleague  was destroyed by this man. And then there is the cover up by NHS Wales. One man’s deceit has now involved the WHOLE of the NHS in West Glamorgan. From the Health Minister down. Has there been an attempt to pervert the course of justice?

All I want is for Dr RB John to be truthful for once and because of his obvious negligence/ malpractice to compensate me for his atrocious and corrupt response, and intentional destruction of my life. I will then disappear from the Web and shut up.

His reply was “I do not remember” AND THAT is his ONLY reply to me.

I DO NOT REMEMBER However I do remember, Dr John, I remember, all too well.

(One person HAS said to me that Dr RB John IS  a good doctor. I DO NOT DISPUTE THIS at all because IF he was completely and irrevocably negligent in ALL his treatment then he would not have survived General Practice for so long. HOWEVER this site is about the atrocious and corrupt way that he treated ME. This site is about MY complaint with Dr RB  John. I am not, and never have been, in a position to comment on his overall performance but I AM IN A POSITION to comment on HIS treatment that HE organised for ME in 1998 and the refusal by him, initially, to respond to me in a true and professional manner. This refusal has now involved some Doctors in my current surgery, namely Drs K and L, and has spread to cover the NHS in West Glamorgan up to the Welsh Health Minister, who says that there is nothing she can do. I lost absolutely everything I had worked for for 23 years as a NHS Dentist for reasons I STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND and he has consistently REFUSED to say ANYTHING apart from “I do not remember” Is it not a sign of guilt that he has NEVER EVER once referred to my Medical notes during the complaint, because IF HE HAD BEEN true and professional then he would have wasted NO TIME in proving so. Instead he hid behind a cloak of deceit and corruption)

Auspices of Fair Comment

In some small way I now feel like David Kelly in that “The last thing they wanted was the sober truth to prevail.”  I wonder if I will <ahem> commit “suicide” soon, as he did.

If I do then you know the reason.


Easter itself commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, and not his crucifixion.

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4 Responses to “I say no more”

  1. Akiza Izinski » Blog Archive » Swansea East (National Assembly for Wales constituency) Says:

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  3. Mandy Says:

    There are those that question whether David Kelly killed himself. Conspiracy theories may abound but the poor bloke was a lone voice in a sea of liers and this government is not known for its honesty. I have got past the point where I believe anything it says.

    More and more this country is mirroring ‘1984’. Anyway, that is going off on a tangent.

    Don’t kill yourself MD. Don’t give the b’stards the satisfaction.

  4. I say no more Says:

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