He too washed his hands of me


I strongly endorsed NHS Dentistry and was 99% NHS when I retired, my practice is now private. I fight daily thoughts to get hold of the new dental contract to see how I would be coping. I STILL want to be a dentist.

Could I have been destroyed BECAUSE I was such a strong advocate of NHS Dentistry?

Coincidentally the only other purely NHS Dentist in our area retired after a serious riding accident at the same time and HE had WORSE troubles with his pension than I, caused I believe by the Health authority, as mine were. His sister, a pharmacist, fought like a demon to sort out his problems. AND WON.  My sister did sod all I was being sent to a fucking mental home, I was in the middle of a REALLY angry divorce and I had financial problems because of a fucking flood. SHE KNEW ALL THAT cos we talked about it almost weekly in 1998. SO WHY DIDN’T SHE DO SOMETHING to help me. SHe visited me ONCE in the 6 weeks in hospital, I remember that and for fuck sake I was CRYING talking to her and STILL she did not ask Dr John what was going on. OR WAS SHE threatened not to interfere? EH?? Or did she also want to destroy me. read this 

I hope you read the last paragraph slowly increasing the speed at which you read it, in time with the volume of the words and then slowing down and fading out at <did she also want to destroy me>

I am getting carried away now but you can see the drift ,I hope.

Dr John, who dated his Medical Opinion 4th June 1998, and KNEW for a few reasons of the chaos increasing round my practice ALSO kept EXTREMELY QUIET, almost DENYING his responsibilities (all documented). He was the nearest GP for a start and gossip between the two surgeries, his and mine, was a given thing.

The only dentist in the Ferry was missing and his practice was still open and he did’nt hear it on the grapevine, from the Health Authority OR in the bloody pub where we both drank and had communal friends

(I HATE BEING SO ANGRY but if you don’t believe I am right with the need to know why my whole life has been turned upside down, 40 years destroyed then tell me why, I really do want to move on Only yesterday was I again told how much I am missed as a Dentist. That happens at LEAST 5 out of 7 days a week and I go out EVERY day. FOR THE LAST 10+ fkn YEARS. )

AND then on my release ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY NOBODY helped me through bankruptcy proceedings, Judgements for unpaid debts, Legal assaults by the CSA and the NHS Pensions agency. An intimidating visit  from an Inland Revenue Collection Agent built like a brick out-house. The wife refusing to let me see my son because I “abandoned him”. He surely could see the stress without even asking me, he knew I was retired cos he fucking organised it and probably knew of the mess he had caused before I found out.

HE DID NOT ONCE ASK ME WHAT WAS HAPPENING, HOW WAS RETIREMENT, But I told my sister and she said “He meant well and would not interfere.


He was done it before, and she was/is covering up. Probably second nature for a doctor to cover up for a negligent colleague, more so than family ties, apparently.


June 11th 1998: At age 49 I was “forcibly retired” and “struck” off the Dental register. I lost my business and career with a on-going debt of £68,000. My wife got my small lump sum in the financial settlement that was finalised in my divorce, July 1998. My eventual pension was severely reduced because of an error, by the Health Authority, over my retirement

because: I believed a doctor who wrote this Medical Opinion with the attached compliment slip, 4th June 1998. 6 weeks later all this hell started. AND 10 years later I still don’t know why I was so comprehensibly destroyed. NOT even a sorry, Dr John’s reply is “he cannot remember” AND I have had heart problems caused by the stress I have endured as I struggle to get answers.

Anti-terror chief Bob Quick

Aged 49, he leaves the Met – and the entire police service – with a guaranteed pension of more than £110,000 a year, or a £520,000 lump sum and about £85,000 a year in return for his 30 years of service.

because: he came close to endangering an operation to smash a suspected Al Qaeda terrorist unit.

In the article for Bob Quick it is said “‘It is amazing that someone can make such a serious error and simply withdraw into a life of wealthy retirement.”

Dr RB John made a considerably smaller error as he intentionally destroyed me, a NHS Dentist who worked a mile from HIS surgery and was the brother of his , now retired senior partner, Dr K E James. He also has held considerably lesser posts: Medical Director of the LHB, Chairman of the BMA Wales, yet he has corruptly, I believe auspices of fair comment,,  influenced the NHS Complaint Investigation in his favour.

He will have a comfortable retirement, like Mr Quick, AND honours re his new post. (Google for it if you want, as I did. Some one told me and I checked on line.)

I don’t know how to end this post especially following my heart disease fiasco.  Starting with this post and read www.mad-dentist.co.uk and /or My heart website

MY RETIREMENT, £68,000 debt I can never pay off and all this shit that has happened to me.

The reward for 23 years service as a NHS Dentist and the loss of a further 16 years as a NHS Dentist as long as there was NHS Dentistry.

I strongly endorsed NHS Dentistry and was 99% NHS when I retired, my practice is now private. I fight daily thoughts to get hold of the new dental contract to see how I would be coping. I STILL want to be a dentist


There are only two ways for me to go, I cannot live like this, especially with the treatment I receive from my current surgery and parts of the NHS in WALES.

Could I have been destroyed BECAUSE I was such a strong advocate of NHS Dentistry?

OR at least TELL ME WHY?


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9 Responses to “He too washed his hands of me”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    The Media portray Doctors as “good looking heros” ER, Casualty, and even Dr Kildare. Dentists are either sniffing the “gas” Rocky Horror show or are sadists “The Marathon Man”
    I of course ignore Dr Harold Shipman if one can.

    A year or so later another dentist got flooded in a district of Swansea and the Health Authority fell over backwards as they helped HIM re-open as soon as possible. They allowed him to re-locate, which they REFUSED for me. SO at least the scrotes in the Health Authority DID learn something from my disaster. BIT later for me tho’

    ONE QUESTION remains WHY WAS I FULLY RETIRED with the problems I had AND NOT placed on sick leave which MANY people have said would have been the more CORRECT form of “retirement” Then I could have resurfaced, refreshed. Look at my problems BEFORE and look at what Dr RB John fkn CAUSED.

    COCA COLA is only good for cleaning coins in my opinion, but I have to say that I do drink it BUT I clean my teeth 10 times a day even now so the acid in it has less chance to attack the crud between my teeth, if it was there in my case :>)

    BUT Dental CARE IS a class issue, theoretically the “Rich” can afford to pay privately and THAT IS WHY I was a NHS Dentist, to provide Dental Care to the underprivileged. Back to the front end of the alimentary tract in comparison to the rest of the track, you pay for the entry portal and it’s free for the rest. But then some politicians talk from the other end, in my opinion.

  2. Mandy Says:

    Well, MD

    Your last comment proves that poor oral hygiene isn’t a class issue and perhaps the media think that dentists are so loaded (financially) that they don’t need any empathy when their surgery is wrecked.

    I still think that getting proper dental care is a class issue.

    Coca Cola…horrid stuff. That was the one thing the consultant told my daughter to avoid after she had her kidney operations.

  3. themaddentist Says:

    I had a patient just before I was thrown out , a 6 year old that needed 18 teeth extracted ( only had 20 in her mouth ) parents were both Nurses and looked at me like I was an idiot when I mentioned toothbrushing etc, the poor girl was sucking a bottle with Coca cola in it as I talked to the parents. They wanted me to write some blurb so they could sue the company, I mentioned toothbrushing again and got both shouting at me “What do I know about it?”
    SO I arranged a general anaesthetic to get rid of the offending choppers and lost them as patients.

    The day I was flooded the local garage was on BBC TV and a reporter called to see me to ask what I thought about the garage being flooded, I asked if the fact that my practice was ruined was of any interest and he looked at me like I was a prat. Smithy, the garage guy, was on TV on the Local News broadcasts and I was not even mentioned. He was open the next day and it took me 3 months to open. I know Smithy well and he thought also it was odd that I was not mentioned. His TV appearance did wonders for his trade..rassnfrassn Smithy LOL.
    The local Chemist who was not affected was also interviewed, I did however get on BBC Wales, in Welsh, in one news program but as I do not speak Welsh it was a bit strained as they had to translate everything for me.

  4. Mandy Says:

    You did the best you could MD. Sadly, you were outnumbered.

    I read something the other day about children ending up in hospital..with physical problems…originating from poor dental hygiene and diet. Nothing was mentioned about lack of NHS Dentists. I wonder why?

    Could it be that the media don’t have any concerns about a class system that means only those with the money to go private can get decent dental care? Or am I being a tad too sceptical?

  5. themaddentist Says:

    No worries Mandy, I accept your apologies. I thought by striving to stay as a NHS Dentist I was looking after the patients in my catchment area, as I had been taught to do at college. I wanted and saw the need for NHS Dentistry. I now know that my bosses, the Government, want to get rid of NHS Dentistry.

    Everything after the teeth, in the alimentary tract, is covered by the NHS and yet if one has bad teeth, for whatever reason, which causes, say, stomach problems, then THAT IS covered by the NHS. Yet the “entry point” is not. The exit point of the alimentary tract IS covered so why not the entry point???
    No cosmetics as that SHOULD be private but pain relief etc SHOULD BE. A basic FREE (?) NHS Dental service SHOULD be available… simple fillings and dentures

  6. Mandy Says:

    You aren’t wrong MD.

    I would reckon that most people who join the NHS..or I would hope so..are committed to providing the best quality care for their patients. But something has gone badly wrong somewhere because it has become more and more a closed shop, where people won’t speak out or have to do it anonymously.

    What I am trying to say is that, as you have written yourself, the tribe has turned against you.

    See how ‘Whistleblowers’ are treated. I think the term whistleblowing is inappopriate. I think ‘Truth Tellers’ is more apt and the fact that people who speak out against what is being done to the NHS and in it are bullied and victimised shows just where things are at.

    The reference to buying a new suit and sucking up was a reference to how people ‘fit in’. Why people comply not a personal statement of what i think you should have done. It was meant to be irony but it didn’t come across that way. Apologies if that upset you.

  7. themaddentist Says:

    I have read and re-read that comment trying to understand it.

    I was 100% committed to the NHS.
    I was the only Dental Practice open 6 days a week in West Glamorgan.

    SO because Dr John DECIDED without telling ME I was to be retired, struck off and destroyed I should have “bought a new suit and done some serious arse kissing!!!! ”

    WHERE? WHEN? I dont understand WHEN I should have “bought a new suit and done some serious arse kissing!!!! ”
    Should I have anticipated, without ANY indication whatever, these chain of events prior to that telephone call on June 11th 1998?

    I called Dr John, Bryn and he called me Alyn, we weren’t the best of friends but good professional aquaintances prior to that date. He was however my GP and his responsibitity as such was “TO TELL ME” of his treatment plan, which he didn’t.
    After June 1998 I was ignored TOTALLY, by all and sundry as I fought bankruptcy etc etc as I lost absolutely everything I had worked for.

    My sister refused to help me saying Dr John MEANT WELL should I have accepted that without question?

    Should I have accepted the fact that Dr John consistently refused to answer ANY questions I asked about what happened that day?
    Should I also have accepted being diagnosed as having “paranoia, delusions of persecution and dislocation from reality” because Dr John could NOT REMEMBER anything in the NHS Complaint?

    I need to know why I am SO wrong.

  8. Should I see a chiropractor for my migraines? | Different Types of Headaches Says:

    […] He too washed his hands of me « The Mad Dentist […]

  9. Mandy Says:

    I am a strong believer in the theory that if you aren’t openly
    100% committed to the tribe (whichever tribe that is) ..even if you have underlying concerns…then you will be extricated in some way. The least of all is by being sent to Coventry (sometimes a blessing and, believe me, I know that one from experience) but not good if you feel like the lone person being treated with contempt, whilst trying to maintain a decent and consistent level of quality in your work (with impacts on the personal life and pyshe that goes with it).

    The NHS is a tribe and if you don’t tow party lines by fekk you soon find out what that means to you.

    The fact that certain medical professionals will try and pull rank when it suits (God knows what is going on in their egos) doesn’t really help anyone (except themselves and those who are part of their tribe).

    What I am trying to say here is what we have are some serious ego issues going on, in a set of services very much in decline..cheers to consistent neglect by governments with the final nails being hammered in by New Labour). Thus leading to the overall tribe being ‘above itself’ in regards to the importance of it’s professional attitude about itself rather than it’s attitude towards those it is meant to serve.

    Maybe you should have bought a new suit and done some serious arse kissing!!!! Maybe that would have gone against your grain but it seems to work for most (those with images of themselves they think the rest of us have to admire ).

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