I have been informed  of an important honour bestowed on Dr R B John .

An appointment for which he should be a man of extreme integrity.

An appointment that could explain why my MP and Assembly Member have “not be able” to assist me in my quest to discover why he INTENTIONALLY destroyed my career.

The visit from the Community Support Officer could  now have been explained.

The responses from Neath Port Talbot Local Health Board in 2003 and since could also now explainable, albeit with overtones of corruption and intentional deceit.

It could explain  the response from the Welsh NHS.

It could explain the response, or lack thereof, from my sister Dr K E James, his colleague for 20+ years in Briton Ferry Health Centre.

In different circumstances I would offer Dr R B John my heartiest congratulations but I am now unable to, as he discarded his Professional cloak to destroy me to cover up his professional negligence, malpractice.

In effect he lied for his own gain.

Auspices of Fair Comment

I of course could be TOTALLY in the wrong and thus all the documentation I have in my possession are figments of my imagination.

After all Castle Surgery Neath keep wishing to remind me that I am a psychiatric patient based on this Medical Opinion and the attached Compliment Slip

my songs: I just don’t want to hurt any more and A man who lied

It has all been a waste of fucking time.

Auspices of Fair Comment

I have a choice now, suicide or continue to get answers against ALL ODDS.

I leave you today with Queen,  listen to the words of this song


I was at Dental College with the drummer, he was in The Royal Dental and I was in University College. He was in Smile, I believe, and I was in Amoeba. We met once or twice due to our similar love of music.

A reply I received from anon.

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