I collapsed on Friday afternoon.

A blackout:

one minute walking up the path to my front door, the next minute face down on the pavement. I landed, from the pain I had afterwards, on my right knee and both palms.

I now can feel no radial pulse in my right arm and my right thumb is mobile but the pain is back to what it was after that 4th angiogram 2 years ago. Thumb is mobile so no fractures.

and my blood pressure STILL feels sky high

How convenient that I have that Cardiology Appointment on Wednesday.

SO it looks like I will be on more medication or at the worst  hospitalised if the symptoms I have mean what I think they do.


One Response to “blackout”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Sorry that you had a black out and perhaps appointment with Cardiology will help, although appreciate your concerns.

    Am no expert on physical health and not necessarily that savvy on MH issues, only in as much as so much CONTRADICTORY information and medication abounds and yet still people are suffering. What I can write is that stress does impact (and often severely) on physical states, because I have alot of ‘secondary’ physical problems which stem from stress and mental imbalance…I also think some of Dad’s physical problems comes from his severe anxiety.

    However, the problem is working out how to deal with that (either the stress or the physical manifestation) and also where there are physical problems, they should not be belittled or ignored, on the grounds that the person is a ‘nutter’, because there can be continual and serious physical problems than need attention.

    Anyway, gone off at tangent.

    No it isn’t easy but take care best as there.

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