HEALTH Minister Edwina Hart should be the next First Minister, according to a cross-party survey of AMs.

The survey, carried out anonymously by pollsters Ipsos Mori, also shows that Mrs Hart is more respected across the parties than any other AM.

“Of Mrs Hart’s strong showing, one AM said: “She gives the impression of being very organised and purposeful. “ which suggests to me that she in fact is NOT organised etc etc

She also has the ability to draw others in by speaking to them in a way some other Cabinet members don’t. “She also is the kind of person who wakes up in the morning and decides what she wants done. That’s how it was with her decision to scrap hospital car parking charges.

Which suggests that she does not think of the consequences but relies on a “spur of the moment decision”

“It’s uncomfortable for civil servants, but some people find such decisiveness appealing. “Contrary to the impression she creates with her tough image, though, she probably doesn’t actually have a long-term thought- through strategy.” As shown by her “actions re the car park charges at hospital.

Or am I questioning the Journalist’s way of writing?

Or am I angry that she refuses to accept that there IS corruption in the Neath Port Talbot NHS?

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