I can’t get no Satisfaction

A letter from the Welsh Assembly Health Minister today tells me that “The trust did not send you a direct response. I have asked the Trust to forward you a copy, and I hope the Trust addresses your concerns to your satisfaction” AND it took SIX WEEKS for them to do so AND still no response to MY queries and DEFINITELY not to my satisfaction. They just answered the questions they wanted to answer ie to show that the Doctors were exemplary. Also I NEVER asked for an investigation this started because I agreed with Ben Bradshaw and he passed my letter to the Welsh Assembly and THEY instigated what they jokingly call an investigation based on a letter containg few details. Read this post.

Satisfaction may refer to: A feeling of gratification; see Contentment

and with regards to the CSO ” If the CSO attended and confirmed that medical assistance was required, I would expect the police to make the necessary arrangements”  I can make NO comment except how would a CSO be trained in Psychiatric Diagnosis. I quote from The Home Office site.

Police Community Support Officers particularly work to reassure the public and to tackle the social menace of anti-social behaviour. (Is that the training?)

What you’ll do as a Police Community Support Officer:

Working under the direction of a police commander, you will find yourself fighting a range of crime and disorder problems. Just some of the problems you might have to deal with include: contributing to the regeneration of local communities, increasing public safety ( or here?) dealing with truants, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, litter, missing persons enquiries

  • confiscating alcohol being consumed in a public place helping to support victims ( or here?? ) controlling crowds at major events

PCSOs spend much of their time on patrol in communities and you should approach them with any questions or worries you have about anti-social behaviour or crime in your area.

Police powers Depending on your role, you may also be given some police powers, including the power to: detain someone until a constable arrives (or here )

Where the HELL is the training to make psychiatric diagnoses?? Although I did praise the officer as I said here. AND even though I know no more than I did when he turned up I STILL say he was far more professional and “caring” than the Psychiatric Services …. especially Dr Ballsurriya.

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