GOOD GOD, the inefficiency is ASTOUNDING.

I received a reply TODAY Following THIS post re a letter I sent to Ben Bradshaw in SEPTEMBER 2008.

A reply from the Chief Executive from Abertawe Bro Morgannwg  University  NHS Trust regarding the Health Minister request that they investigate “my heart condition” Amazingly they responded EXACTLY as I thought, stating everything that I ALREADY KNEW. Nothing about the anaesthetist’s remark that I was taking WARFARIN for NO REASON and my heart disease was MISDIAGNOSED. AND THE PAIN IN MY RIGHT THUMB following the 4th Angiogram

BUT I never asked for an investigation and IF I HAD then the questions would have been different. I have to read it in a less angry frame of mind BUT the letter was DATED 30th January 2009, the envelope postmarked TWICE on the 16th March 2009 and I received it today 18th March

With the same timescale for the Medical Opinion dated 4th June 1998 I would then have received it in AUGUST 1998 when I was ALREADY embroiled in Bankruptcy proceedings AND a legal battle with the NHS Pensions people re the error in my retirement.

However they mentioned I was stressed, VERY STRESSED and also said that a follow up appointment HAD BEEN MADE.

AH HA are THEY the instigators of that appointment  with Cardiology WL pool for the 24th March???? Nice of them to tell me AFTER I had received the appointment and also not telling my GP as he did not know about it either. He also said it was FAR TOO LATE for a follow up appointment.

They also said that they HAD sent me an acknowledgment letter which I have NEVER RECEIVED.

SO despite asking for reassurance re the Heart condition when I saw  Dr G Kahan in APRIL 2008 and then her sending me to the Psychiatrist as an ungrateful patient and then having to suffer the heart attack, blood test then the BP Monitor and the Psychiatrist  ( ALL IN ALL seeing 5 different psychiatrists in 6 visits ) THEN ALL THIS culminating in the visit from the Police

I am no nearer to getting answers.

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