A crime investigation

“We are investigating a suspected fraud  of which you were the victim. Our investigations continue”  said the police officer on the telephone.  ” We will be in touch once we have completed the investigations”

I then awoke in a sweat with mixed emotions,

AW CRAP it was a dream.

the reality: The Police Community Support Officer rang eventually and in reply to the question “who sent you?” said “I told you at the beginning that it was the Evening Post in Nov last year” so no chance of getting a proper answer there then.

I have a couple of friends that are retired police officers so I hope I bump into them in town this morning to ask them what they think. Of course saying that means that I have NO chance of seeing them

BUT THAT has made me think that there COULD be an underlying “suspicious response” that is shown by the NHS’ total lack of interest in my complaint, and the way the KEEP reminding me of Dr RB John’s (mis) diagnosis.

I.E. they WANTED to get rid of me because …. because I have found something out that they wish to keep secret OR the NHS’ plan has been ALL along to destroy NHS Dentistry and in 1998 there was the PERFECT opportunity to stop it in MY 99% NHS PRACTICE. ie section me, destroy my credibility, call me a MENTAL PATIENT and job done. My old practice is now 100% DENPLAN or wotever their system is called.

Anybody remember when the NHS was like this?


instead of this cartoon and this REAL STORY


I can’t be bothered to resize the above but each frame is:

1) We have bad news we have  amputated the wrong leg by mistake

2) HOLY shit is there any good news?

3) YES your bad leg is getting better.


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