They WERE coming to take me away, Haha, hehe hoho….

At 2.30 pm on Feb 6th I thought I was being threatened with being sectioned AGAIN BUT I was wrong, it seems I over-reacted to the mention of  the word suicde used in the same breath as Ward F (Psychiatric ward) of the local Hospital.

But this came as a bit of a shock to say the least yesterday so I told the Docs this morning and went to the Police to find out who it was that actually sent them round as he said it was the Evening Post from a remark I made in November

NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!,  last year !!!!!!!!!!,  4 months ago !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

funny thing is this 20 something year old policeman was 20000000000% better than ANY psychiatrically trained person in the fact HE ACTUALLY LISTENED to me and read most of the letters and stuff and seemed to agree with my quest as ALL non medical people do so.

He was a true professional

He has arranged for a Community Support Officer (?)  to come and see me at regular intervals.

where is all that from the NHS?????

so now the Police know a lot about Dr Dai, my sister.etc etc…in fact he mentioned her first so HE HAD actually LEARNT the facts before coming to see me and DIDN’T prejudge or tell me to  “grow up and move on”

and this was the response of the NHS and their follow up.

” What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”



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