Use with caution in; Problems with blood circulation in the arteries of the extremities (peripheral arterial disease such as Raynaud’s syndrome or intermittent claudication )

What is it used for?
Chronic, stable moderate to severe heart failure in addition to standard medicines.

Side effects:  Worsening of heart failure  Sleep disturbance Depression.

I take 5 mgs of this a day and yet I have it written in my medical notes that I DO NOT HAVE ANY HEART DISEASE.


I rang Dr Ga** to ask about my extremely cold hands and said my hands went cold and he said Bisoprolol was to protect my heart and thus the fact that bisoprolol  causes cold hands was 2ndary for the effect on my heart.

SO I do have heart trouble then said I.

N-n-n-n-o you have f-f-f-urring of your arteries said he

but you said the need to protect my heart was primary and I thought the bisoprolol was to reduce my blood pressure anyway. I have been told I have NO heart disease


SO I don’t have heart disease but am being treated for one

I don’t have a Mental Problem and they keep sending me to the shrink.


There is Dai Sheepman , Blod and now Donald (after Don Duck, well it does appear ABATON is a quack


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