Now there are two

Dr G EVENTUALLY listened to me re a second opinion re my heart and has said he will refer me to the Cardiac unit for this second opinion. THIS WAS ON MONDAY 16th FEBRUARY at 09.10 am

I told Dr G to stick it up his arse as I have REQUESTED THIS since that appointment in APRIL 2008 and the time I saw Dr G K.

However he didn’t listen to me, well there’s a surprise.

SO I received an appointment with the CARDIOLOGY WL POOL for Tuesday 24th March 2009 in Neath Port Talbot Hospital. letter dated 19th Feb 2009 and received Saturday 21st February. If that appointment was due to HIS referral it means that the waiting list is 5, FIVE weeks.

SO IT MEANS THAT because Dr GK on APRIL 19th 2008 shouted and screamed at me for being an ungrateful patient etc  has INTENTIONALLY  delayed my treatment.

She has CAUSED ALMOST EVERY FUCKING POST SINCE THEN. MAY 2008  Psychiatrist June 2008  Dr K says get over it July 2008 I sit and cry August 2008 so this is what it would be like, The response from .., Slept on it and so on and on as the depression deepened. THEN the was the potassium ion FIASCO, DR L telling me to move on when he should have been arranging the 2nd blood test .THEN came the BP Monitor shit and the referral to the Mental Health Gateway Team that no on told me about. Then I told Dr G that I might as well fucking kill myself and he referred me to Dr Ballasurya.  Read all these posts for January and these for THIS MONTH. Just randomly search ANY post from April 2008 to now.  or


I HAVE NEVER EVER FELT LIKE THIS BEFORE. Not even when Dr RB John sectioned and struck me off in June 1998 and YET NOW I have ACTUALLY tried to kill myself but my neighbour called round at the right/wrong time. She doesn’t know but I call round now to see her when I feel suicidal but pretend it is just to chat. Been round twice this month.

Edwina Hart should expect a recorded letter within the next few days.


I could have had the reassurance I wanted AND possibly answers to ALL my cardiac related questions, if the same time scale existed then, starting late May 2008 making a LARGE number of posts totally unnecessary from June onwards.

INSTEAD Dr G K has written in my Medical Notes, (I do not quote…yet ) “That I asked about the bypass operation and requested a visit to the psychiatrist…… was very grateful for this.

Dai Sheepman has a girl friend and now an accomplice, I shall call her Blod.

All this good enough resaon not to see her on Friday 13th 2009


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