Doctor says suicidal patients SHOULD kill themselves or move on.

I went to Ca***e Surgery straight after the appointment to ask to see a doctor. I was in tears and extremely fragile.

I was offered an appointment with Dr G K**** the lady who started all this. I asked for a receptionist to go in with me but this seemed to be impossible.

The other doctor I could see was Dr R L**** who told me the last time I saw him, the only time I have seen him, that somethings will never be resolved and it was time for me to move on. Again I asked for a chaperone but this was not possible

I wanted someone with me to STOP the doctors giving their own private and personal views to me and to actually BE FORCED to listen to me, THE PATIENT

I have to ring on Monday for an appointment with ABATON.

Dr Ball****ya said on December 24th the exact words I wanted to hear. ie I WAS RIGHT and the NHS have destroyed me and how difficult it was for me to exist with ALL the daily reminders I get re my ex career as a NHS Dentist.

AND then on February 13th 2009 says I must find ways to move on. Insinuating that her comments on Xmas Eve were “said to placate me and without any substance” I reacted angrily to her comment and now Dr Ball****ya refuses to see me.

Thats fucking good treatment from a psychiatrist treating a suicidal patient, refusing to see me becuase SHE WANTS ME TO DO WHAT SHE SAYS and not what is best for me. If I say what I need to move on she gets angry as if I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT AND ONLY SHE IS RIGHT. AND SHE WASN’T EVEN PREPARED TO LISTEN.


As far as the NHS are concerned I CAN KILL MYSELF.

In fact they WANT ME TO DIE.

JUST because THEY want me to move on “out of their hair”They don’t want to help to ME to move where I need to be. And that’s the most important thing…getting to where I need to be.

I NEED ANSWERS to be able to close the chapter of my life called DENTAL SURGEON from 1967 to 1998.

Dr R B J*** has a lot to answer as does the NHS in West Glamorgan as they have CONSISTENTLY covered up for him.


I said in Intentional deceit dated February 10th 2009

I asked him (Dr F G*** )  to explain, as an example, the response from Dr K****. He showed me her entry where she has stated that I presented to ask about the recent subclavian graft (WRONG, I asked about my heart condition) and she also said that I was grateful for the referral. Dr G K**** is a lair although that would be difficult to prove in a court of law because Dr G K***8 has INTENTIONALLY sought to mislead by her fictitious entry in my notes. (Same as Dai Sheepman) I asked ABATON, Dr F G****, to explain why Dr G K***** sought to prove that “I WAS A LIAR” and why if I asked for reassurance about my heart was I sent to the Mental Health Unit as an ungrateful patient. (Reassurance that I STILL HAVE NOT GOT. And seem unlikely to EVER get.) Why was I sent to the Mental Health Unit when I asked about my heart if there is NO MENTION of me “being a Mental Patient”?

and I also said in  Its been a hard time  dated January 8th 2009 Dr G K***n will deny she shouted at me and will probably say something like I expressed my suicidal wishes even tho’ the letter from the Mental Health People says otherwise.




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3 Responses to “Doctor says suicidal patients SHOULD kill themselves or move on.”

  1. Oakland Dentist Says:

    Oakland Dentist…

    Doctor says suicidal patients SHOULD kill themselves or move on. « Alyn James…

  2. Mandy Says:

    Where exactly are these suicidal patients to move on to?

    Vienna perhaps? A new revolutionary approach to dealing with the mentally ill…buying them a one way plane ticket.

    I would like doctor to move on, with a red hot poker up their jacksie. Would make my day!!!

  3. norm Says:

    embarass the doctors , lawfully protest outside their surgery with leaflets, you wont get anywhere asking them to be empathetic or decent, they belong to a profession that refuses to admit mistakes no matter how much other people pay for them. associate with Harold Shipman case in your leadflets, i.e. a profession capable of covering for ruthless pathological liars , abusers of public trust , etc. , stay calm and move around if cops ask you move but let your GP’s patients in on what you’ve experienced , let them know you’ve worked for the NHS in good conscience but that the system supports corrupt practitioners above patients no matter what.

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