Where have I heard this before?

77 minutes with the psychologist and the same result. There is NO treatment and I need answers to enable me to move on.

She seemed to understand and rather than be in a patient/professional relationship she seemed to treat me in a professional/professional way. THANKS Manon.

But the whole thing has been made so much worse by the very fact I fucking had to talk about THIS crap AGAIN.

AND I still have the other appointment  on Friday 13th at 12. 00 about which the psychologist seemed confused. She seemed curious as to why I have had SO many appointments and so little done. (my interpretation)

SO far I have had THREE appointments with the Mental Health Teams in Neath since and including  December 23rd 2008.

maddentist 2 Dai Sheepman  NIL


The Truth 2:  lies and deceit NIL

and in only SEVEN weeks of 2009

and one that was not within the Gateway’s remit so call it a draw but I win on points.

Is this the “correct Standard of care” as requested by the Welsh Health Minister.

BUT lets go for the hat-trick and 3 in a row

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