Intentional deceit

A) I asked NABATO, now called ABATON As Bad As The Others Now, 2 weeks ago to “draw a line under the treatment so far and for us to start again as professionals

I said to him “ Let’s start again and PLEASE resolve this situation once and for all. Not to do so will ensure that I will be “killed” by the NHS and this all started with Dai Sheepman Dr. RB John. So in effect Dai would be the cause of my death AND as he is the cause of ALL this medical farce I will NEVER receive correct and good treatment until the CAUSE is eradicated.  STRESS IS THE CAUSE OF MY CURRENT MEDICAL FARCE,  stress CAUSED by Dai’s REFUSAL to be honest and explain.

I saw him yesterday and he looked blank when I asked him for his response showing that he had done NOTHING and that HE DIDN’T care and thus had NO INTENTION of resolving the “dispute” with Castle Surgery thus bringing that surgery into the corruption surrounding Dai Sheepman.

B) I asked him about the appointment with the Psychiatrist on Friday 13th February and he mumbled something about the Local Health Board and the Welsh Assembly Health Minister and “THE CORRECT STANDARD OF CARE”. SO I asked him about the appointment with the Psychologist I also have for 11th February at 10.00 am. He mumbled something about the referral to the emergency Psychiatrist on Christmas eve.

SO I asked him to correlate the 2 appointments.

SILENCE. He was unable to give me an answer

yet it was HIS SURGERY, Castle Surgery, that ARRANGED BOTH APPOINTMENTS, Castle Surgery ALSO arranged that appointment with the Mental Health Gateway Team. 

SO they have arranged appointments with the Gateway Team, A Psychiatrist and a Psychologist and YET ABATON, the GP I preferred to see, only vaguely knew about the Psychologist. He knew NOTHING of the other two appointments.

This is his idea of the correct standard of care.

C)  He showed me a letter he had written to me, and I have not yet received, that stated that nowhere in my Medical Notes was it mentioned I was a MENTAL PATIENT.

I asked him to explain, as an example, the response from Dr K****. He showed me her entry where she has stated that I presented to ask about the recent subclavian graft (WRONG, I asked about my heart condition) and she also said that I was grateful for the referral.

Dr G K**** is a lair although that would be difficult to prove in a court of law because Dr G K**** has INTENTIONALLY sought to mislead by her fictitious entry in my notes. (Same as Dai Sheepman)

I asked ABATON, Dr F Gama, to explain why Dr G K**** sought to prove that “I WAS A LIAR” and why if I asked for reassurance about my heart was I sent to the Mental Health Unit as an ungrateful patient. (Reassurance that I STILL HAVE NOT GOT. And seem unlikely to EVER get.) Why was I sent to the Mental Health Unit when I asked about my heart if there is NO MENTION of me “being a Mental Patient”?

I therefore asked him to correlate his letter that states that nowhere is it mentioned that I am a Mental Patient and YET I will have had THREE, 3, appointments with different aspects of the Mental Health Services since December 13th 2008 by Friday 13th February 2009.

He mumbled about my threat to kill myself after HIS COCKUP re the Blood pressure monitor I mentioned the psychiatrist’s response to me at the emergency appointment and he did not answer.

I left his surgery saying that I had tried to resolve this dispute by drawing a line under the negligent treatment and from his response it appears that I have wasted his and my time as he obviously did not intend to provide me with true and professional treatment as written here.

HIS RESPONSE: I get paid for it.

for fucks sake is that ALL he thinks about


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