PLEASE, Mr MP, help me

Just thought as I lay awake last night  that my MP had 12.710 people vote for him at the last election and had 20 or so people supporting him in his little protest in Neath, which in both cases is infinity times more than the support I have in Neath because NO ONE stands up and supports me. In fact I almost have the opposite reaction


PLEASE Mr Hain, PLEASE be the 1st person to fight MY SIDE of the case.


I sold my house to Mr Hain in October 1990 prior to his election in April 1991 and almost immediately got embroiled in being sued for defamation of his character etc as some arsehole from The Neath Conservative Party wrote to the broadsheets saying, and USING MY NAME, that he did not provide the finances to buy my house.

The first I knew of it was the Times and Telegraph newspapers ringing me to confirm the story. My response was that this was untrue but before I could breath I was threatened by Parliamentary Solicitors with Libel. (Amazingly one of the reporters for the Times was the son of one of my Examiners in my Dental Finals in 1975, wish I could remember his fkn name now.)

I consulted Legal Advice and also went to the Neath Constitutional Club (The home of the Neath Conservative Association,) and did my own enquiries and found out the names of the people concerned as they were “boasting ” about their little wheeze. All I can remember is that their names were DOUG and GRAHAM.

I wrote to Mr Hain and the papers with their names and addresses and with a covering note from the Estate Agent that assisted in the sale that NO ONE had leaked ANY information regarding the finances needed to purchase my house. I also said that I was sorry for the “misguided leak” BUT that I did not apologise as I had not been involved in this “leak” in anyway, shape or form and so the matter ended.

I resigned my membership of the “Con Club” and have never returned. I joined the club in the 1st place with NO POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS as business men of town, policemen and professionals met in there on a Friday and Saturday to unwind after a hard day. I was described as the third most hated person in the club as my friends were a Traffic Warden and a Social Security Spy.

I also had a T-shirt with the logo “Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him?” that I wore on on “Bonfire night” November 5th. Which considering the response from ALL my “elected representatives, is  of how I feel about Parliamentarians.


During his election campaign in 1991 I met Mr Hain in Neath as he canvassed and, as we recognised each other from the house sale we exchanged pleasantries. I was on my way “for a pint” and offered Mr Hain a swift half to recharge his batteries. He declined but asked where I was going.

You should have seen their faces when I said “The Conservative Club” pointing to the building we were standing outside, with a grin. Couldn’t resist it LOL. I wished him success and we shook hands and parted. The rest is history as they say.


I will make an appointment with NABATO for Monday to hear his response to my request that they resolve the cause of my STRESS which would eradicate, probably, the need for the blood pressure tablets. I also look forward to 12.00 on Friday 13th of February when I have the appointment with Dr M***********.

This is the emergency response to my threat to commit suicide in December 2008.  ALMOST 2 MONTHS LATER.


The GMC panel determined that there was no conflict of interest arising out of the doctor’s relationship with Mrs B.

The GMC said this was because it could not be proved that he was engaged in a sexual and emotional relationship with Mrs B when he had a consultation with her husband. The hearing in Manchester determined that there was no conflict of interest and therefore there was no reason for the doctor to inform Mr B he could no longer act as his GP. The GMC concluded that Dr Kinch’s actions, in respect of his consultation with Mr B, were not inappropriate or liable to bring the medical profession into disrepute.

So it is OK to shag a patient’s wife and destroy a NHS Dentist’s career with an intentional lie BUT  they say that throwing a plate is “in the public’s interest.

The GMC said his antics were a “gross breach of the trust the public put in members of the medical profession”. whereas intentional misdiagnoses and shagging a patient’s wife is not.


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