Make your M.P. work – don’t re-elect him.

I wrote a letter to my MP following the discovery of the compliment slip as mentioned in this post sometime after late November 2007 asking him to assist me. I received a compliment slip saying that the matter was receiving attention.

I called in his office on Monday to ascertain the progress in his investigations and was promised a return telephone call.

So as I did not receive a telephone call I called again in his office and asked again what was going on. She said for me to take a seat and I said I did not want to see Mr H*** but just required the promised response in writing. She said his “agent” ( I assume) was “looking at the case” and for me to take a seat, (WTF !!! I requested that my elected MP assist me not some paid member of his staff)  I repeated that I wished for a response in writing from my MP. She then disappeared into a far office and called me in.

I saw “his agent” a Mr H*****, who asked me to take a seat but I repeated that I wanted a reply in writing from the MP considering it has been over a year since he said it was receiving attention and left the office. ( I mentioned I wrote the letter at the time the MP was accused of not declaring £100k  or here. The result of which was here.)

Maybe he should take note of THIS article where a man took his MP to court for being too lazy.  I sadly discovered the article after I returned home …bugger!!!!!

Health Minister Ann Keen – who has raked in £660,000 in taxpayer-funded expenses since 2001 – was taken to court over claims she snubbed a war veteran’s pleas for help. She was ordered to pay £15,000 in damages to 84-year-old John Taylor, who was badly wounded while fighting in Holland during the Second World War. The front-bencher was accused of failing to represent the pensioner in his battle to clear his name after a miscarriage of justice 47 years ago.

Isn’t it an amazing coincidence that it was the Health Minister, in England, when the Health Minister in Wales says there is nothing she will/can do in MY case. I wonder if the Welsh Health Minister was also being lazy as was/is my Assembly Member.

These are just suppositions made without any proof what so ever and were formed  under the Auspices of Fair Comment


I was gonna comment about this doctor shagging a patient’s wife but am too angry about my MP and cannot be bothered to say anything but you gotta love the “wife’s” expression as they kiss over the fence.

Although …….. the doctor denies a conflict of interest treating a patient whilst shagging that patient’s wife and YET the Neath Port Talbot  Local Health Board denied a conflict of interest as they investigated their Medical Director for negligence. So sure that there was no conflict of interest that the Chief Executive and acting Chief Executive both refused to even say that Dai was their Medical Director. The then acting Chief Executive is now Financial Director so the corruption lives on. Auspices of Fair Comment



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