3 fkn months time

I have an appointment for March 23 rd with the psychiatrist as an emergency appointment for my SUICIDAL thoughts.


and with a psychiatrist a Dr M*********r who said the last time I saw him that I was slightly depressed but would NOT treat me for the CAUSE of my depression/anger.

I saw that”man” a few times afterwards in town and each time I saw him he gave me what I now politely describe, as a supercilious smile. definition: showing haughty disdain. I described his expression a bit more controversially at the time.


Which brings me to THIS story and two psychiatrists saying different things about a patient:

Swansea Council had called consultant psychiatrist Dr Peter Jenkins to give evidence on its behalf. Dr Jenkins had interviewed Ms Jones last September, and produced a report explaining what he felt was the cause of Ms Jones’s emotional state. But before he could give evidence, Jenni Watson, representing Ms Jones, produced a letter from another psychiatric team, who had also seen Ms Jones, with contrasting conclusions to Mr Jenkins’s report.

This lady ONLY lost her job BUT my life was TOTALLY DESTROYED by Dr R J*** (Dai Sheepman) www.mad-dentist.co.uk

This story just highlights the corruption in the Psychiatric services in West Glamorgan. It also shows the true nature of the discrimination shown to psychiatric patients.


Which brings me to my MP whom I saw in Neath “pontificating”. 20 protestors in an electoral role of 60,000++. Yeh that was fkn support.

With him was C**** M***** the Mayor of Briton Ferry at the time I lost my career. That little arsehole strove for many years to stop me doing home visits to the elderly and infirm as he said “I was only doing the visits for financial gain” err yes I was working for the NHS and got paid for each item of work. Maybe he didn’t understand the meaning of the word work as he spent his time on Briton Ferry Council doing nothing.

Interestingly HE rang me when I started work in 1985 and accused me of taking a welsh man’s job. He thought I was a “fkn Englishman taking a Welshman’s job”. (I traced the telephone call to his BT landline (1471)) YET he was protesting AGAINST the BNP who were saying that foreigners were taking the jobs of locals. DESPITE him “threatening me as I was “taking ” a Welshman’s job in 1985/6.  I APOLOGISE FOR AN ERROR in this statement it was not this man that threatened me racially, HE threatened to close my practice because I saw gypsies from the then local camp site. I said that no one tells me who I see and who I do not see. THAT is my decision and I follow the guidelines as set out by the governing body of the NHS. I was a NHS dentist and will treat elligible patients that require treatment.

It was another man that telephoned me for being english, we again had his number but the police said there was nothing they would do despite the threats of arson. . I was born in Wales BUT have an English accent BUT that form of RACISM is OK in Wales . It is OK to be racist against the English taking a Welshman’s job but other forms of racism are wrong. English is my first and only language.

I went to Mr H***’s office in town and asked why Mr H*** had not replied to a letter I sent him in October 2007 and for which I had received confirmation that the “matter was being looked into” His receptionist said she would contact me, by telephone, with an answer.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for a reply.

One comment I heard from a passerby that Saturday was “Mr H*** was born in Kenya and yet is our MP. THAT is a foreigner taking a Welshman’s job, no wonder he objects to the BNP” The lady also said some controversial comments about the £100,000 and his mother to which I laughed and said “Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him?” She laughed also and continued her day probably to repeat the conversation as I did to all and sundry.

Not that I agree with her comments of course or condone them in anyway, of course.


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One Response to “3 fkn months time”

  1. Mandy Says:

    3 months for an emergency appointment…

    Perhaps we should do a list of what makes a modern MH service.

    My starter for 10 is to hold several meetings with no outcomes.

    A compulsory element on the job description of being a 2 faced little shit could be second on the list.

    You take it from there…sure you could come up with several more must haves of your own.

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