Blood test normal

The title says it all but no comment about my “thick” blood.

I will mention to NABATO that the nurse did not even wash her hands before taking the blood lt alone put on gloves.

It is NO wonder that MRSA has developed with such a lack of hygiene.

 An article about “glove wearing” I found on google  and another but PLEASE wash your hands.


In Lidls in Neath yesterday I bumped into an old next door neighbour and she complained about her dentures and seconds later I had her lower set in my hands in Aisle 3 by the household goods as she asked me to comment on them. They seemed to cover only the alveolar ridge as they were very “narrow” more so than these. She was in the middle of a complaint with the dentist as she couldn’t eat, talk etc etc and they HURT like hell even when just resting in her mouth.  AND he wouldn’t do anything to them.

Seems arrogance and refusing to listen to patients is also rife in the dental world. I knew that anyway BUT my circle of colleagues as friends were the “friendly” type not arseholes. Which is why I go to one of them now (Hi Steve!) Maybe Pete will read this as he assists my local Assembly Member, the one that “has a file open about me” but did not know what to do. Hmmm.

The best set I saw recently were Saddam Hussein’s in the photograph of his oral examination by American Troops

  IN the video I saw  the full  lower set appear towards the end of the clip shown on TV. They slowly popped up but not in the way I thought they would if held in place by implants and they were “fully extended”. Also  the dentist that had made them probably would have “disappeared” if they had hurt Saddam. Good god I would have not liked THAT job.

BUT thanks toDai I don’t have that job now. which is why I have been shouting and screaming for help to anyone that will lsten.


Sadly my cats look at me as if I am mad.


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