My sister may have psychiatric problems also

Could my sister need psychiatric treatment instead of me as a shrink said that the hatred of my mother was the cause of ALL MY ILLNESS. This was in 1999/2000. I never hated Mum in the slightest BUT my sister has put it down in writing.

I went to NABATO doc on 12th January to find out if the psychiatrist had responded and discover she has arranged an appointment with a counsellor. The lady that had sat in with Dr M********** the psychiatrist that said he would not treat until I tried to commit suicide. NABATO Doc said he would write to her to get an appointment as soon as possible. The psychiatrist’s letter was of course different from the conversation on Christmas eve.

The Chief Executive of the Local Health Board has said that “my complaint” with Castle surgery Neath should be resolved by “Local Resolution” with the Practice Complaints Manager. He also says he will do nothing about the corruption surrounding the investigation into Dai Shipman’s refusal to respond professionally. He did not mention the referral by the GMC of the “complaint” against Dr B


13th January 2009 

          I played my guitar as I do almost daily as I try to “build up stamina”. Unusually I had no tiredness of my forearm and so I strummed for 20-30 minutes or so. Again I felt no tiredness and only my finger tips were sore. I practiced some “finger-picking” and again, apart from pain un my right thumb, I had no tiredness. I must have played for 90 minutes or more.


          About 2 hours later, 6.00 pm, I started to get cramp in my left hand and forearm which soon spread to my right hand. I then had SEVERE cramps in moth hands until I went to bed at 10.00pm. Almost as soon as I lay down the cramps in my hands stopped BUT my right leg then started performing and I had severe cramp in my calf and toes which lasted almost 2 hours. I screamed at the top of my voice to anyone who was listening,  “for f*cks sake help me” and amazingly the cramps stopped and I fell asleep. I woke next morning feeling exhausted and went to see NABATO Doc  We both decided it was overexertion and that I should, more sensibly with hindsight, regularly exercise my guitar playing fingers and hands. Something that is alien to me as pre 2006 I played my guitar for 4-5 hours almost every day for 50+ years. He asked why I didn’t play piano and I said I didn’t like playing piano unless I was in  a band. He also arranged some blood tests for thyroid, calcium, and a couple of other things. He added a yellow post-it note for the blood to be taken from my right arm.

We also discussed, at my imitiation,  Raynauds disease which my mother had. This is a vascular disorder which affects blood flow to the extremities in times of cold or stress. Stress eh?? Bisropol is contraindicated and I take 5mg a day since the recent blood test.

      I had cramp in my leg the next night for about 20 minutes as I tried to get to sleep.

      I had the blood taken on 19th January 2009 by the nurse that put on the 12 hour blood pressure monitor. My blood was very thick and she commented on that.

I was told to stop warfarin IMMEDIATELY after the recent bypass. My mum was on Warfarin fro YEARS and THAT caused a problem when she broke the head of her left femur in 1993 and my sister says she hated my Mum and psychologically that could be the reason she did not help me in 1998.

SO could my sister need psychiatric treatment instead of me as a shrink said that the hatred of my mother was the cause of ALL MY ILLNESS. This was in 1999/2000

SO she has psychiatric problems and has had since god know when and she is denying this.

Dr K E James is the MAD DOCTOR and not because, as me initially, of my jokes and sense of humour BUT because she DOES have psychiatric problems as she harbours a hidden hatred of my Mum.

I get the results on the 21st January.

So the NHS pretend to want me to stay alive BUT what is the point of trying when they do fuck all to make a patients life tolerable.

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