Its been a hard time

It’s been a fortnight since that psychiatrist appointment and nothing has happened for two reasons, bloody Xmas and New Year and NABATO is away till next week.

Anyway that was the 3rd time I have been told that I AM RIGHT. A psychiatrist in 2003 told me that I had been treated badly BUT wrote a COMPLETELY different letter as her professional response.

And in 2005 the Mental Health Access team said the same and pointed out MANY inconsistencies in Dai’s treatment. Like why was I sent to a private hospital and who paid for the 6 week stay? Why was I referred to a psychiatrist that was not in the Neath catchment area? WHy wasn’t I informed that I was to be hospitalised FACE TO FACE since Dai said I was a high risk suicide

I started  the complaint with Dai Sheepman and in tandem I started one with the Mental Health Services.

Dai lied and refused to answer in HIS complaint and was found to be exemplary when his reply was “I do not remember”

AND I got HAMMERED in a meeting with the head of psychiatric services a Dr P*llia. They had 4 people on their side and I was alone having been told that it was an informal meeting. It is difficult to make a case when 4 people are tearing you apart. I a-likened it to the painting “When did you last see your father?” by WF Yeames

I was the little boy, they were the Cavaliers. Dr P*llia was a most aggresive and ignorant man, but that is just a polite version of my opinion.


Also I have received a letter from the Local Health Board saying that they are starting a NHS investigation into my “heart fiasco” Oh goodie another biased “investigation” to prove I AM WRONG and the doctors concerned are exemplary.

I say that they will NOT ask me for my side of the story and thus make the investigation more professional.

I say they will investigate from only MY letter to the Welsh Health Minister and not ask me for MY side of the complaint

<EDIT> Not that I have made a complaint. It was communication from the Welsh Assembly that initiated this. MY complaint is with Dai and the NHS that covered up for him  Although it will be interesting if ANY doctors apologise and make reparations. <EDIT>

I do not wish for Dr F G*** to be involved IN ANY WAY, apart from as my GP.

He is the ONLY doctor to be honest and admit his mistake with no hesitation. I respect that man for that.


Also these Doctors will not have written down their arrogant and insulting remarks so may/will deny that they ever said what they did say.

In effect they will call me a liar as they did in 2003 when they allowed Dai Sheepman to “NOT REMEMBER”

SO Dr S****n will deny he said “You cannot have a blockage in the ?brachial? artery because if you did youre arm would go blue and fall off”

Dr G K***n will deny she shouted at me and will probably say something like I expressed my suicidal wishes even tho’ the letter from the Mental Health People says otherwise

DR L****y will deny saying that my problem was that I didn’t understand when I asked her questions about my pulses

Dr R L***s wil deny saying that “somethings WILL not be resolved and I should accept that”

The Phlebotomist wil also deny saying “you cannot have no pulses because your arm will go blue and fall off.

BUT MY ARM HAS GONE BLUE so when will it fall off?

I will respond to them within the next 2-3 days and post their letter AND mine here for all to read.


And my sister replied to me, me having said to her NOT TO FKN REPLY. So she is a true doctor in that she DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME.

She said she was forced to be a doctor by my mother and nevr wanted to be one…although she worked as a doctor ALL HER WORKING LIFE having qualified in the early 1970’s.

She also asked what she could have done to help;. If that idiot dosent know then it is not worth telling her as she would obviously not understand.

I will reply to her and may post that letter up here for all to read.


The Welsh Health Minister referred my queries also to Bro Morganwwg (The hospital service) re my angiograms but THEIR Chief Executive hasn’t replied yet to acknowledge despite the time limits set out by the Welsh Assembly Government.


I have fought suicide almost daily but one day I WILL FAIL.

I will then have been “murdered” by the NHS.

Thanks to Dr Dai Sheepman, Dr A or even Dr * * ****.


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3 Responses to “Its been a hard time”

  1. Mandy Says:

    A perfect Touche Turtle :>)

  2. themaddentist Says:

    Thanks for the time
    to give me a rhyme
    and one that scanned like a pro

    now its MY turn
    to lyrically burn
    their soles, into hell they will go

  3. Mandy Says:

    They can and by heck they do close ranks
    They tell porky pies, like those who run banks (nto the ground)
    They coerse each other for a formal display
    of righteousness, and no you can’t play!!!

    You naughy boy, you should take what is given
    After all these suits have earnt their living
    Their right to be right, is the only right that’s heard
    and everyone knows whatever loonies say is absurd!

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