to those that want me to die and to those that do not care.


I deserve more than this after 23 years as a NHS Dentist, 13 in my lost practice. I have a large debt for the rest of life I can never clear, both financial and mental because of the lost 41 years from starting University to now.
I also lost 15 years working as a dentist to my retirement age.

I have been abysmally treated by the NHS and have lost everything I worked so hard for.

The NHS Complaint Service insinuated I suffered from paranoia, delusions of persecution, and dislocation from reality all because I reasonably wanted answers why my dental career was destroyed and why, in effect, I was “struck off“, for no reason.

The Doctor was found to be ‘exemplary‘ whilst I fought financial bankruptcy and medical incompetence.
His response to my complaint was “I do not remember”.

He ‘did not remember’ why he decided to wreck my career and trash my life. And the NHS allows him to get away with ‘not remembering’…

the NHS calls such unprofessional memory failure ‘exemplary’.

AND deny the presence of his medical opinion


I feel so tired, I want to sleep

Put my feet up high, take it easy

I’ve had enough of trying with no end in sight

to get what I want, to get what I need.


Each day gets harder by the minute

nothing seems easy anymore

it hurts to say I tried when deep down inside

I have so very little to put on show


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One Response to “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Hi there

    I care and although I don’t, normally, go in for gushing greetings of good will to all men….when the reality usually turns out to be something quite the opposite…I am sending wishes to you that your 2009 is better than your 2008 and life treats you kinder. :>)

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