WTF do they teach them in medical college????

I AM WEARING  a 12 hour blood pressure monitor to record my BP,

This test gives an overview of all the blood pressure readings throughout the 24 hours. It is particularly useful if your doctor thinks that your blood pressure is unusually high when you have it measured in the surgery or at hospital appointments. Where else do you get your blood pressure monitored for fucks sake?????

So guess on which arm they insisted I wore it????

My left arm. The one in which I have NO RECORDABLE BLOOD PRESSURE.

I tried to explain to the nurse but she said she had to put it on my left arm as “That was the normal arm” I mentioned the problems with my left arm and she said she would have to get permission from a doctor to change arms, which would be difficult as they were busy.

The 1st time the cuff expanded my left hand went DARK BLUE, numb and tingling. BUT as Doctor Sh***** said “I cannot have a blockage in my left arm as it would go blue and fall off” similar to the phlebotomist’s comment that I cannot have no pulses as my arm would fall off. So was my arm about to fall off  now?????

One thing this fkn cuff has shown is that I STILL HAVE A BLOCKAGE in the return from my arm as the cuff forced the blood to pool in my arm. Further proof that the initial problem HAS NOT BEEN DEALT WITH. Yet I am discharged as the surgeon said there was nothing more he would/could do.

I went back to the fkn surgery and surprisingly, as the doctors were SOO busy, I got an appointment straight away with NABATO doc who looked confused and arranged for the cuff to be transferred to my right arm.

HE WAS CONFUSED!!! He was the fkn doctor that DISCOVERED I had no discernible blood pressure in my left arm and also the one that organised this 12 hour monitoring shit. SURELY HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN NOT TO PUT IT ON MY LEFT ARM??? and therefore suggested to the nurse to put it on my RIGHT ARM.

Or is too much for a doctor to actually think.

Apparently so.

AND YET if I ask questions about my treatment I get sent to the Mental Health people and specifically because of HER reaction I now wish to die reinforced by today’s incompetence.


My chest was rumbling after a severe cold and I went to see a Dr K*******R. on Friday to check that my pneumonia was not restarting, apparently all was clear.


I asked him about the need for the 12 hour BP monitor. His reply was “it is a box the size of a small radio and a cuff attached to your arm BUT AFTER 30 MINUTES  you won’t even notice that you have it on.

OH so I will now have the attention span of a goldfish, AND a goldfish that failed the memory exams as the cuff is quite tight on my right arm, a noticeable tightness, and every 30 minutes I hear a whirring noise and the cuff expands to take the reading.

OH SHIT !!!! WHAT was that whirring noise then? Why did my arm feel odd? What was that beep? Oh look I have found I am wearing a box the size of a Video Cassette around my waist. Where did that come from????????? What is this lead that goes from my waist, round my neck and snags on my collar????

Oh its gone Lah de dah

every fkn half hour until 10.00 pm tonight.



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2 Responses to “WTF do they teach them in medical college????”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    ALL my problems with the doctors in NEATH, WEST GLAMORGAN are due to my initial problem with the lieing, cheating and negligent Medical Dairector of the Local Health Board Dr Dai Sheepman.
    I do not know why we have to “protect ” that arseholes identity when his response to a complaint is “dunno it just happened-like”

    BUT then look at NABATO doctor’s response AND HE IS THE BEST OF A BUNCH of idiots.

  2. Mandy Says:

    Dare I suggest that they might teach them some really useful things in medical school….only some people stay the plonkers that they were before they went there.

    That was me being objective.

    Advising someone to take blood pressure from an arm with no pulse. That must be the weirdest thing I have read in quite some time.

    Personally, and with no medical training whatsover. If I was your GP, I think I would want your blood pressure being taken in places where it could be monitored by professionals. Not that I don’t trust you but if I was that concerned about you…then I would be paying alot more attention to your condition. Taking it very seriously.

    Misdiagnoses do occur. Remember those people in America (doing undercover research) that pretended to have mental illness to see if the shrinks could tell the difference. Seems they couldn’t and one person was kept in a psychiatric unit (on a section) for over a month. Big Doh on that front!!

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