reasons (not) to be cheerful part three

As I queued at the Post Office to post my reply to the Health Minister I met Barbara, an ex-patient who said her husband had lost the crown I fitted 15 years ago (it was loose) and he had said that he wished I was still open as, and I quote ” I was the best dentist he had ever had” She said the one in my practice now is an arsehole (again a quote)

I went shopping in Morrisons for bread and met Doug, another ex-patient who asked etc etc He then told me of his medical problems and asked who messed my life up. I said Dr Dai Sheepman or rather his real name, and Doug said “That c*nt !” I agreed and told him what TV character that man ( tm) looked like and he laughed and said “spot on”

As much as I appreciate their friendship I cannot continue like this.


The likelihood of someone being right increases with the intensity with which others are trying to prove him wrong.  

Mr. Jordan: from Heaven Can Wait (1978)

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One Response to “reasons (not) to be cheerful part three”

  1. Nina Havins Says:

    The power of your feelings are SO strong. I wish I knew something that would help you, but I don’t have that power. If only you could harness those feelings to move forward, you could improve your life above what it used to be. Please don’t destroy such passion.

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