Do you have a mental problem?

I am severely depressed and extremely stressed but I don’t have bipolar disorder. Well at least that’s something. BUT this is according to an article in the Times newspaper

The treatment is to see your GP. I did and Dr Dai Sheepman CAUSED my problems to be SO MUCH WORSE and the NHS, in Wales, say he is exemplary

Bipolar Disorder:

 Bipolar disorder used to called ‘manic depression’. Someone with bipolar disorder will have severe mood swings, either feeling low and depressed, or high and manic. These usually last several weeks or months and are far beyond what most of us experience.  Apparently the most common treatment for bipolar disorder is lithium. In the acute phase, when the patient may be very agitated, it is usually combined with an antipsychotic tranquilliser until the patient has settled down.

I was told by one psychiatrist  that I NEEDED to take Lithium because I was agitated about loosing my career. I told him what I thought of him and his parting words were amazingly “Don’t sue me”

BUT I fail the manic episodes BUT for the depressive episodes I have all 10, now. Treatment: see your GP


Depression: HA all ten. The treatments outlined on this page. Why can’t I just find a straightforward cure? Apparently that’s life and depression is often part of it. About one in four of us will get clinically depressed at some time. The term “depression” covers a wide spectrum of distress and a huge variety of causes and effects. This makes treatment complicated. Often, though, depression will resolve itself within weeks, whether treated or not. The RCP says that without treatment, most depressions get better after about eight months.

Treatment: see your GP



1.Do you feel worried almost all of the time?

2.Do you feel tired or lacking in energy all of the time?

3.Do you have episodes of panic?

4.Are you unable to concentrate on a task for more than for as long as you used to be able to.

5.Do you feel unusually irritable, with tasks or people or get angry quickly?

6. Are you finding getting to sleep difficult or are you waking earlier than usual?

7.Do you ever experience  strong or rapid heartbeat?(sometimes known as “palpitations”)

8.Do you find yourself sweating excessively when you are not exercising?

9.Do you have regular or constant pain or tension in your muscles?

10.Do you find yourself breathing quickly or more heavily at times of anxiety?

10. Are you experiencing indigestion or diarrhoea?

10 outa 10 again and the treatment:

If you’re worried you may be suffering from an anxiety illness visit your GP  I did in 1998 and he TOTALLY ruined my life as detailed on my Website


BUT Obsessive Compulsive disorder

Do you get awful thoughts repeatedly coming into your mind (they may be violent, obscene or simply senseless) even though you try to keep them out? You try not to think about them, but they won’t go away. I now want to kill myself because Everybody ignores me, thanks to Dr Dai Sheepman

Do you keep thinking words, short phrases or rhymes that are unpleasant or shocking? WHY THE fuck didn’t Dai Sheepman TELL me what the hell he was doing??

Do you feel compelled to repeat the same action over and over again, even though you recognise that it is inappropriate or unnecessary? My actions are NOT inappropriate or unnecessary. I want to know why Dr Dai Sheepman repeatedly lied in his response to the investigation. I want to know why the Welsh NHS call him exemplary.

Do you find it too difficult to resist thinking the obsession thoughts or repeating the compulsive actions, because you become overwhelmed by worry or anxiety? If you’re worried you may be suffering from bipolar disorder, depression or mania visit your GP

 I was stressed in 1998 and saw Dr Dai Sheepman and he TOTALLY ruined my life as detailed on my Website



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2 Responses to “Do you have a mental problem?”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Fraid so, as in I have a mental problem.

    Mind you going to the GPs (and several shrinky dinks) doesn’t seem to have improved my mental health at all.

    What improves my mental health is not being fanny-ied around by MH professionals whose prime directive is to get me on another lot of meds.

    I like the ones that talk about relevant stuff to me and offer practical help. If they can’t do that then is better they leave me the heck alone.

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