In medicine of course, some mistakes can have disastrous outcomes

“Another thing I have learnt about mistakes is that when they affect other people, it is almost always a good idea to own up and apologise. The impulse to conceal our mistakes stems in part from the fear of being criticised.

An honest and open apology, particularly if it comes before they’ve spotted your hand in it, can work wonders. Certainly my long acquaintance with my own mistakes has made me more tolerant of others’. It has also shown me how difficult it can be, and how much courage it can take, to own up to them.

The bigger the cock-up the more our sense of who we are is at stake and the stronger can be the impulse to conceal it.

In medicine of course, some mistakes can have disastrous outcomes. People can be seriously harmed or even killed.”

from BMJ group Blogs

Yet Dr A says he was always there for me and DENIES ANY responsibility for his actions June 11th 1998.

But it still goes NOWAY to explain why the whole of the Welsh NHS backs his lack of response and even goes so far as to say “He is exemplary” and KEEP referring me back to the NHS Complaint Service.

example is my sister Dr KE James.

 A Welsh Assembly Government spokesperson said: “Every year in Wales, the vast majority of patients receive high-quality, safe and effective treatment and are completely satisfied with the care they received. “However, there will be instances where things do not go as well as we would wish, despite the best efforts of the NHS.

All complaints must be taken seriously and the NHS must learn from them.

Yet the Health Minister said to me in her last letter that she cannot be of ANY MORE HELP despite “the buck stopping at her


Yet Family doctors are playing the system at the expense of patients’ lives to earn performance bonuses, a report claims.

drs earning

Which since my GP “treat me” for high blood pressure, a misdiagnosed coronary heart disease and cholesterol (extra earning potential) BUT TOTALLY ignore my depression, lack of pulses in BOTH ARMS seems to be correct.  ( No extra points)


I saw my GP yesterday, the one I used to call Nice Doctor, now he is Not As Bad As The Others doctor. NABATO doctor.

I asked about my pulses and he “proved” I have an extremely weak pulse in my right arm, ( I FKN KNOW THAT BUT want to know if having NO pulses in BOTH ARMS will lead to anything serious in the years to come. Considering the phlebotomist, and Dr Sh saying “you can’t have no pulses/ blockage in an artery as your arm would go blue and fall off”    ( No extra points)

He now wants to put me on a 24 hour blood pressure monitor, when that becomes available as my BP was 160/80. (extra earning potential)

It was taken AFTER he ignored my requests re the PAIN in my right thumb which is NOT ASSOCIATED with the “arthritic joint”. ( No extra points)

AFTER he reinforced that I will “always be a dentist” and “listened” to my angry response as I tried to explain EXACTLY why I am angry. My depression ( No extra points)

AFTER I told him I wish to commit suicide, which he ignored. ( No extra points)

AFTER I told him that reducing stress reduces Blood Pressure and that the reduction of MY STRESS is within HIS CONTROL. ie HE COULD REPORT Dr A and refer my situation to the General Medical Council, British Medical Association, Welsh Assembly Royal College of General Practitioners MP etc etc. He could do this PRIVATELY AND ANONYMOUSLY to save HIS own skin. ( No extra points)

SO my blood pressure would be up.(extra earning potential)

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