Drug induced depression

The depression I got as a result of the Amlodipine was INTENSE and “unsolvable” I can only say it was like being pissed as a fart and trying to pretend to be sober. You try to be “normal” and fail because of the side effect of alcohol. In my case the Amlodipine

A similar depression to the one I remember 1998/1999 where I COULD NOT GET OUT OF THAT fug and yet I was expected to solve ALL the shit, by myself. Having a  NATURAL depression, ie not controlled by medication, would have allowed me to sort out the problems MY WAY and then I would have no major regrets as I do know. Maybe a few “aw bollux should have done it that way” but at least I would have been IN CONTROL naturally. A  normal depression where I, for example, could “push it aside a bit” and exist. Without medical intervention I would still be stressed etc BUT I could have acted on my ideas on how to solve the shit I was in.

For fucks sake I was writing a play, playing in a rock band, slowly but relentlessly rebuilding my practice, I had a lady on tow. MY head was coming above the waters, good analogy considering the flood. THAT was before I was put on to medication. AND before Dr A CAUSED the disaster because he didn’t LISTEN TO ME.

The depression from Amlodipine that I experienced was EXACTLY the same as the crap I was going through in 1998 BUT THEN I WAS told I needed the meds and because of the continual auto suggestion that I was a suicide risk, reinforced 24 hours a day in hospital I actually had thoughts that MAYBE I WAS suicidal BUT I could not work that one out,as I KNEW I WAS NOT SUICIDAL or even get someone to listen to me that I WAS NOT.

WHOOPS there’s that word listen again.

The body has a defence system in place, developed well before Man invented medication and doctors, called “fight or flight” controlled by adrenalin and serotonin NATURALLY.BUT and a big BUT when doctors ™ mess with the pharmacology of the body, the body then fights the change naturally or at least attempts to. The body then learns to react differently, becomes addicted (?) to the change as it tries to regain control. SO the production of serotonin (used as an example with no factual basis) is naturally reduced by the “happy” gland so when the meds are stopped or changed the natural bodily defences are fkd as serotonin is now longer being produced in a “normal way” (Still with me ?????) SO we become “naturally depressed” but with out the production of the happy drug now so we are then described as a manic depressive and given more drugs which just starts the circle from the beginning again. BUT if we refuse the treatment, and give reasons as I did we are then described as awkward patients and ignored ™ by all and sundry.

The doctors ™ make us addicted to a man-made serotonin which reduces the natural production of said drug by the body as it gets used to being lazy so the body is FORCED to act differently.

SO the Doctors attempt to control us by medication and try to get us to a “safe” non questioning state without listening.

I now use alcohol as an example; eg I was stressed at work with all my problems SO I nip down the pub and sink a few swifties and have a laugh. (First medication from GP (tm))

Then I need more beer to achieve the same effect (GP changes drugs to stronger ones)

Then I need to go to the pub every day (GP changes drugs to even stronger ones) you may not even tell the GP that you feel more depressed as one “pushes aside” the realisation that you now have a “habit” developing but HEY its a good larf down the boozer

Work starts to suffer due to side effects of the drugs (hangovers with alcohol, late for work etc)( tablets loose their effectiveness as the body gets used to them) so you stop sleeping at night as the body craves for something. I ALWAYS slept at least 5-6 hours each night  and crashed once a month at 7.00 pm to do a 12 hour recovery sleep.

So you buy shorts to drink at home to get to sleep or get sleepers from the Doctor. who doesn’t listen/ didnt listen to your initial complaint as you were IMMEDIATELY put on drugs as a first resort

( I didnt drink at home pre 1998 and spent my time writing the play and writing and recording hundreds of songs. Relearning two handed piano and becoming a whizz on geetar.) I spent 2 hours a day sorting out the finances and the CSA, 8 hours a day drilling and filling 2 hours a day drinking, 3-4 hours a day writing jokes and songs and stuff and the rest sleeping. OK I drove my Audi sports car like a muppet every night up the A 465 ( no cameras on a 12 mile + stretch of road) at 130 mph which got rid of the cobwebs. I was in control of my life to some extent. BUT still stressed.

You probably see a different fkn doctor anyway whose first reaction is more medication. IN the analogy you are now alcohol dependent just to survive just as you now need the meds to just survive. They havent helped the initial problem of stress but have actually made it worse ‘cos NOW you rely on the drugs JUST to fkn exist and ALL the problems are still fkn there masked by a haze of medication/beer. SO it all has actually become far worse and STILL NO ONE LISTENS.

Which is why we went to the Doc ™ in the first fkn place

Difference with alcoholics and mental patients is they spend lotsa money re educating your addicted brain if an alcoholic or drug addict, heroin wise and call it a Real Illness BUT they just give you more meds if a mental patient and then dont listen to you

Back to me: I then think I wish I wasnt here, ie  in this situation , which is interpreted by the doctors ™ as I wish I was dead.


I wish I was in a different life cycle. I KNOW I said I wish I could turn right from the practice and hit the M4 and go somewhere and not turn left, as I had to, to get home.

BUT that was catastrophically mis-interpreted as suicide by Dr A.

Yet he didnt tell me face to face which is  a bit like telling an alcoholic that he is an alcoholic  by leaving a note in the pub for HIM to read the next time he entered that establishment.

Yet my dear sister now works with alcoholics and refuses to help me.

one word is missing


BUT now I have exhausted all my body defences to fight this.

I can’t play my guitar and piano anymore because of all the medical chaos surrounding my “heart trouble”

I have NO pulses in either arm.

AND all initiated by Dr A and defended by the Medical Profession in West Glamorgan.

www mad-dentist.co.uk


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7 Responses to “Drug induced depression”

  1. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    The style of writing is very familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

  2. themaddentist Says:

    Often: dizziness; palpitations; muscle-, stomach- or headache; dyspepsia; nausea – in 1 in 100 users: … from the Wikipedia link
    so possibly since dyspepsia, nausea and mention of the word stomach could be “your symptoms”
    I would if at work, advise you to see your doctor telling him the problems BUT considering the responses I have received from the so called Medical Poor-fessionals in my area, Wales, I would say that sadly this would be a waste of time EVEN though it is the doctors(tm) JOB

    Good luck mate :>)

  3. Mohan Says:

    This amlodifine is playing havoc with my digestive system. Is that expected

  4. Mandy Says:

    Hows about…..

    NHS – Never Hinder Staff (by asking them anything?)


    Not Here, Sorry!

  5. themaddentist Says:


    NHS = No Help Service

  6. Mandy Says:

    Hi there

    I have life induced depression, aggrevated by NHS incompetence!!!!

  7. » Drug induced depression Says:

    […] So you buy shorts to drink at home to get to sleep or get sleepers from the Doctor. who doesn’t listen/ didnt listen to your initial complaint as you were IMMEDIATELY put on drugs as a first resort. ( I didnt drink at home pre 1998 and … Original post […]

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