Being burnt alive

This is how I feel, as an effigy of Guy Fawkes is  burnt with a camera in the “guy’s”head. Guy Fawkes night the Nov 2008.

I feel I am about 2:00 in the timescale of this video as the Welsh NHS destroy me to protect Mr Big, Dr A.

The crowd in this video represent ALL the medics in the caring ™ Health Service in West Glamorgan. As they laugh at me as they destroy me.


Healthcare in Britain is worse than in Estonia even though we spend four times as much on each person,  according to a Europe-wide league table.


Teachers, GPs, employment advisers and police will be trained to spot signs of mental health problems as part of a plan to reduce Wales’ suicide rate. Rather than, as it appears at the moment “make up ” mental illnesses as happened to me.


Professor Sir Liam Donaldson explains why he believes the NHS could learn some lessons in customer care. Too right they could.

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